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  • Thanks for the suggestion. For whatever reason my dot2 does not see the copied profile as you have suggested. Any other thoughts? Thanks

    • I copy this fixtures from grandma2onpc library (last version) - to dot2 (1.9) library - it works.

    • Would you be able to send me this copy? I have tried to reproduce the same actions However I have a profile that does not have all of the attributes... Thanks!

    • a belated thanks... what is the process of installing this file on the dot2? 1. I have a USB key formatted to Fat32. 2. I have placed this file on this key. 3. I eject the key and insert it to the dot2 4. I go to patch and use the encoder to find the USB key. 4. The dot 2 board does not see the file. What am I doing wrong? I appreciate your help

    • dot2 search in special folder

      U can create it (use fixture buidier), or U can export fixture from dot2/patch/change fixture....
      Or create manualy dot2/library

      put file to USBDRIVELETTER://dot2/library