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  • hello

    just a quick question on Dot2 3d, where can i get textures ?

  • Hi Ole,
    the red cross means that the Position datas that are stored as a position preset, contains Stomped position effect values.
    This can happen, when you select fixtures, let them do a circle effect, stomp the effect and store this as a position preset.

    This would mean that when you call this preset later in the show, a maybe running position effect would be stomped.
    Sometimes this is wanted, sometimes not.
    So nothing to worry about, but the user must be aware of it.
    (hope this was understandable?! lol. Otherwise have a look here: http://help2.malighting.com/Pa…witem_effect/en/1.5/stomp)

    All the best to all of the DWR team!!

  • HI

    one of the users we support showed me something we both did not understand

    when he saves his position presets they show a red X! in the block do you know what that means :?: