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  • In dot2 u have i universe unlocket (free)

    MA2 do not send any universe for free. (u need buy some hardware - node with parameters or wing)
  • kan


    Hello, I'm a student studying MA2 and Unreal Engine4 DMX. I would like to work by connecting MA2 and Unreal Engine4 to each other.

    I want to know how to connect MA2 and Unreal Engine 4 DMX plug-in.

    The connection between DOT2 and Unreal Engine4…
  • Ryan Kanarek

    Replied to the thread store syntax/store keyword.
    "FeatureGroup" instead of "PresetType"
    There aren't currently any source options besides programmer, so "/so=prog" is unnecessary anyway
    "/activeforselected" is the keyword
    Instead of the '@' symbol, toggle the "Execute" cell for that macro line to No

  • zangetsu

    Posted the thread store syntax/store keyword.
    hey folks,

    in grandma2 i store my data in that way:

    1. colors=global in the preset pool color
    2. positions(position+gobo+focus+beam+shapers)=selective in the all preset pool using a filter to exclude dimmer+color which i call: store_ml

    therefore i…
  • Martijnk

    Posted the thread recording macro's?.
    i am trying to record my steps in to a macro without typing everything
    (so it need to automatic records the stats i do in a new macro)

    in ma2 there is a way to record a macro, that it capture's everything you do, till you stop the recording.

  • gunter


    in 1.5 i built a Fiyturetype for a UV-Tube with a purple Emitter. In 1.6 the emitter is white in the 3D View. I also built a chain of lights where i spread emitters along a line. In 1.6 all Emitters are on the same position and also white…
  • JonnyG

    Posted the thread Network issues.
    Has anyone had their IP addresses change automatically? I came in this morning and fired up my board and the following had changed IP Addresses, Preferred IP for sACN and it had erased an Art Net clock. I'm just trying to see if this is at all common…
  • Martijnk

    Hi all

    I am busy writing macro's in ma3.
    i come to the following problem
    i want to use to write a preset and cue a macro that sets a rotation speed.

    There for i use the command line
    attribute gobo1posrotate at "100"
    but when i enter this in the comand…
  • claudia227

    Replied to the thread dot2 Screen would not turn on.
    oh man. :(Thanks though! Shall get it sent for repair
  • Krzysztof Korzeniowski

    Replied to the thread dot2 Screen would not turn on.
    It's hard to say anything. If the console has been shipped, something may have come loose. It is also possible that it is the fault of moisture and bad connection.
    Ultimately, damage to the power supply or the lcd module itself
  • claudia227

    Replied to the thread dot2 Screen would not turn on.
    :( is there any reason or cause, which made the screen black/not on?
  • Krzysztof Korzeniowski

    Replied to the thread dot2 Screen would not turn on.
    Connecting the computer with dot2 onpc with the dot2 console via lan, or connecting an external monitor to the console - will allow you to work.
    I am afraid that a visit to the repair service will be necessary
  • claudia227


    the dot2 screen remains black & would not turn on even though there is power flowing through.
    the console was working fine last weekend but suddenly acted like this when we tried to turn it on today
    Is there a workaround for this? I've checked…
  • Reign504

    Wrote a comment on Reign504’s wall.
    Wall Comment
    Why can you not use cat cable longer then 75 M?
  • zoesmith

    Now follows cenforce200mg.
  • Dave01

    Replied to the thread Groups of 3 phasers.
    Thank you Ryan, width at 50% and speed at 30 gets what i want
  • AlexH

    I found out how to get it working again. I do not exactly know what the Problem was.
    - Updated the Node again directly via Stick at the USB Port
    - Configured the Network again (DHCP and alternative IP including correct Subnet)
    - Went to the Network…
  • nguyentuantuan16

    Posted the thread Bug Report Blind Macro's.
    While changing Preset colors or any presets live with macro merging or overwriting the current Preset.

    The whole rig will flash, even when the preset that is overwriten is not active in a sequence.

    So those blind mode work or not in this version of ma…
  • Rainschn

    Replied to the thread DJM 900NXS2 to MA3 BPM Clock.
    As far as I know, it is not possible to read Midi Beat Clock in MA3 or even connect it to a Speed Master (the BPM SpeedMaster e.g.).
    If so, you must use an Interface to get Midi from the 900NXS into the PC from Version 1.5 above (or connect it directly…
  • Heiko Light

    Thanks for the answer.
    Unfortunatelly I'm aware about this behaviour. The problem by simply inverting the encoders is, that it does not apply to the calculator. So if I enter the same number for the top and floor fixture, they won't point in the same…