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    Michael - I wonder if this is worth a Tip & Trick Video?
    I've not been able to make this happen, but probably because of my lack of experience.
    I'm probably in a minority wanting to be able to use this, but it is interesting to me.


    Another idea that TVTM_Brian had was that maybe as you map the midi to an executor, you can set the "page" inside of the dot2 midi mapping to "current" instead of specifying. Then, if you change the dot2 page, maybe the midi note calls a different executor. I haven't tried this either.

    Sorry to be so theoretical and not definitive in my posts. Hopefully these ideas inspire thought/progress. I have to find time to try everything that is in my head. dot2 is a hobby for me, so I don't always get to my ideas as quickly as I'd hope.

    I'm working on using BOME to expand the functionality.

    If you map everything in the 127 midi notes as a basic funtion, then use BOME to map different pages to send multiple notes, you may be able to expand the overall power of the APC20>BOME>dot2. These are "pages" in BOME, not in dot2.

    Simple Example:
    Assume you're using APC20's Track Selections to change "pages" within your BOME translator, which may just be setting a variable G = 1 or 2 or 3, etc

    If G=1, then set things as basic function:
    Clip Launch 1-8 are midi notes 1-8 change everything selected to Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Pink
    Clip Launch 9-12 are midi notes 9-12 are positions, High, Low, Mid, X, XX, Room, etc
    Clip Launch 13-24 are midi notes 13-24 are selection groups 1, 2, 3, etc

    To make group 1 move high and change red, in BOME page 1, you'd have to push C13, C9, C1.

    But if Track Selection 2 is selected, set G=2 within BOME and have the following:
    When G=2 have Clip 1 output notes 1, 9, 13, which would do it all in one button.

    This idea doesn't exactly give you more functionality, but may be able to give you more capability or a macro-kind of function.

    I haven't tried this, but thinking on it.

    Process might be something like this for Clip Launch 1, I haven't worked through syntax yet.
    Clip Selection 1:
    If G=1
    <Midi note 1 out>

    If G=2
    <Mid note 13 Midi note 9 Midi note 1 out>

    If G=3
    <other set of midi notes>

    Track Selection 1 translator rule:
    set G=1

    Track Selection 2 translator rule:
    set G=2


    Just a thought.

    Also, I'm not sure if there is anything in dot2 that is "terrible". You might chose better words when you have such a supportive group of guys like Michael, Lars, etc. responding to your questions daily.

    Not near my gear, but maybe:
    Group 9; preset 4.3

    Just do it by clicking, then look at the CMD line and copy the last two commands separated by a semicolon.

    You're right, you found another problem of mine! The XFaderStopOff push = on and release = on notes. I had this mapped to a CLEAR CMD. So, effectively I was doing CLEAR, CLEAR with one push and then it was stuck on. I corrected in my file.

    Thank you.

    My show file may be attached. I've never saved one to anywhere other than the native location. I'm not sure if 3D follows, etc.


    It is.... which is incorrect.
    So, looking at my translator file, the output of "Clip R1C1" is set to variable pp. That is different than all other outputs, and a mistake from my intentions.
    A good test for you is to change the variable value from pp to 127 in that translator file.
    See if you can do that.
    That should change the way it works and it should be on/off. All others seem to be correct in my current file.

    I'd suggest at least trying to make the change above so you learn a little about the translator, but I've attached my current file below. It's a bit more developed, but because it is done piece by piece, it could probably be in a little better order.
    I've changed the error above.

    For the activators, since they are momentary on/off but I used them as a SELECT 1 THRU 4 kind of command, I made them to be an "on" every touch. Confusing to explain, but makes sense in the way I use them. When I use this button to SELECT 1 THRU 4 and then apply another change, then selection the second actuator, which is SELECT 4 THRU 8, activator 1 is lit on the APC, but 1-4 is not selected anymore. I couldn't tell any way to guarantee that the APC actuator lights would mean that certain fixtures were selected. I just accepted that I'd have to hit it every time and ignore the light is on or not. If you have different plans and want on = on and off = off, just change the translator file's corresponding off translation to a "NOTE OFF" message type.

    Maybe we could share dot2 files well?


    Did you set BOME as your midi translator in dot2 onPC? Don't set it to use APC, set it to use BOME.

    Some keys have an output that will work from APC, but most don't. It may be that you've found one that works. To test, try the top right clip button, then the top, second button. Do they actuate the same input in dot2? If so, you haven't made dot2 use BOME and it is still using APC directly.

    Check out this vid from right about 4:00. He goes into how to connect a device thru BOME to dot2.

    I work, some work, and some not. Can I assign to fader in APC Fader MASTER and XFade?
    Why note 125 in dot2, after the first use, (on my APC button stop), are still on? One press causes two changes, for example if the Go button is assigned to it, pressing changes to cue1 and releasing to cue2. Why does the play on APC button exit the router out, and play and rec midi out?

    I'm not sure I fully understand. I'll have to look at my file. Some of the buttons on the APC have an on+off for each push, others have just an on, then another push yields an off. BOME can change all of that to anything you want, but I have mapped them as they work on the APC. For example, the few activators that I've mapped are latching style in the APC, so they are on until you turn them off.

    As I am still just learning this as well and this is only for fun for me, I don't have hours available to commit to studying as much as I'd like, one confusing thing for me was the variable values in BOME. Initially, I just passed the value through the translation, but sometimes that didn't work. It was if the variable would stay 0 or something and it wouldn't cause any action. So, I just hard coded the variables to all be 127 and that seemed to fix my problem. I don't think this is 100% accurate way to translate, but it worked for me. As I mentioned, I wanted to learn dot2, not BOME. So, maybe some of the things I've done aren't perfect in BOME, but they work for me in dot2. I don't think this is causing your troubles, but it may.

    I think I recall some of the inputs staying on endlessly in dot2, but it didn't cause me problems. Let me see if I can confirm that and maybe find something in my file to fix it.

    So, my file isn't 100% mapped. Some of the APC40 in that file still isn't actually mapped. So, that may be confusing. Plus some of the ones not mapped naturally work, but may be several of them are mapped to the same note, which is super confusing.

    I've done more mapping since I uploaded that file. I can try to share the new file today/tonight.

    In BOME, I tried to name the translators effectively so that you can see what is mapped. Take a look at them and see if the button you're trying to use is mapped.

    In that file, I think I had mapped:
    Clip Lanches - ALL
    Scene Launches - ALL
    Activators: maybe just 1-4 or so
    Faders 1-8+master
    Cross Fader, Play, Stop, Rec
    FS1 and FS2 on the back (near power button, but need an external switch to actuate)

    That may be all that is mapped. I can't remember where I was.
    Maybe Track Control knobs 1, 2 might be mapped.

    The incompleteness may be confusing about that file.

    My kid is doing a light show at his kindergarten talent show. I'm not available for every practice, so I've created this little schematic to help my wife hook everything up. It may be useful in this thread.

    For practice, I've given him one light. For the show, he'll have 4 in a square around him on the floor. They dance around him w/haze and he activates different All-effects. He's jamming to Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling" and for each change in dynamics, he selects a level of dynamics he wants. He does a fantastic job. He had to try out. After the tryouts, the teacher organizing the event asked could he be the opener and the closer. "Why yes he can!!"

    [Blocked Image:]

    I'm using the full version of BOME, but the trial should work fine initially. It only allows you to work for 20 minutes then you have to restart it. I setup several translations/inputs and mapped them to real functions in dot2 before I purchased the full version. Once I was sure I could make something work, I upgraded.

    You should be able to download both versions by searching BOME Midi translator.

    Pics from my first real gig this weekend, a frat party in the next town over. Amateur at best, but it was a success nonetheless.

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    Thank you for the response Michael, I'll have to try this. There are several concepts in here that I'm not familiar with. It looks very promising.

    It sounds as if a lot of this will be done interfacing with dot2 actually inside the software, so in your example I'd use a mouse to store an empty cue on an exec button, "blind". Then I'd select a position, color, etc. Then from there I may be able to use a midi note via a CMD to switch off "blind" and watch it engage.

    Is it possible to do most of this via midi notes, so I guess CMDs would be the right way? I'm trying to improve my quickness, so buttons are efficient. The band I work with will appreciate a dynamic light show, fast+accurate = good. Possibly I could reuse the same cue over and over, just clearing it out somehow each time?

    My first live show was this weekend and it was ok, but I learned a lot about how not to do things. I had no major problems, but plenty of moments a pro would have recognized a very amateur operator.

    Rearranging my board to be more intuitive and incremental is the first priority. Left to right = low to high position presets, for example.
    A very close second is to be able to setup a next scene blind" and engage at appropriate moment.

    Thanks again Michael!


    In the video below, Luke has a way to punt in a look (different fixture color example is explained) and then release that to be activated. In the vid below, he says he "taps it in" but he also has a fader assigned to this, so he can slowly let it fade in.
    Is that possible in dot2?

    I know you can create two cues and fade between them, but I'd like to be able to select colors or even positions across different fixtures on the fly through my midi mapped APC40 and then "tap them in" at once all together.

    So, on my APC40 I'd do the following:
    <select some kind of hold button (this is my question)>
    <Select upstage group>
    <Red Color Preset>
    <Select downstage group>
    <Blue Color Preset>
    <activate somehow>


    I'd like to move one cue from the list on the master executor to another executor or a preset. I tried activating the cue and then storing to an All preset, but nothing stored. I also tried several commands and ended up making some things happen, but none were moving it to another executor.

    I tried:
    Copy Cue at Exec 1.305
    for example.

    A cue showed up at 1.305 but it was blank.

    I'd like to capture everything in one cue in the master exec list and move/copy it to another executor. Help, I have a gig!!!