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    Hi NK "Nick"
    about your Circle with 3 groups. create one with all your fixture's. whit phase you can solve it and store it in your Position presets.
    this will help you , i'm pretty sure. FX can be stored as a preset. Cool thing to create your favorite moves and color FX.

    Predefined 1/3 macro and so on:
    store a exec. without any information in the programmer, just empty.
    edit the exec and go to the "CMD" and time there "interleave 1.3"
    set the exec as a "flash" button.


    Hi theresfaider

    to point 1:
    solution 1, connect the mouse t the console and do it there. (but this is not the best solution... ;) )
    select several cues, then press the "EDIT" button and after that press like with the mouse in your screen, time the new value and done.

    point 2:
    i don't know any way to do that. the main exec have some special rules.



    a small solution for MAtricks is the Shortcuts.
    Select a Group and Press NEXT
    after that, press and hold SET and press NEXT to have one of two, press ones again and get 1/3 ones again to have 1/4. Release the SET button.
    now press Next to have 2/4, ones again to have 3/4 and so on....

    with this Help i use to change the "Phase" of the Lamps in the Effects an have a Kind of MAtricks in the effects.
    and i feel very fast.

    Perhaps it helps you also.