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    Sorry, my english is not very good. Now I understand that you are not interested in how to switch from dot2 level, camera views in 3d, but can it be done with commands like "enable front view"? ... Generally ...

    Hello Emilem, hello Rex. Nice to see you there.

    Watch the tutorial and try it like this. Simple duplicate camera e.g. front, patching camera controller, attach the camera controller to the camera (as in the tutorial). Using the parameters camera controller in dot2 onpc, such as: position and focus (just like in a moving head) choose positions - views suitable for you, save selected positions on an executor - views, or each position on a separate executor. Now you can enter commands in the main cue like "goto cue1 exec 1.999" or goto, or On exec 1.878. This will change the camera position parameters and your created views.


    Edit. To see the effects, you must select the view from the camera you copied in 3D, eg. "front2".
    Now you can even do raids, close-ups and flyovers.


    I need to make a fixture that zooms in the range: DMX 0-128 / 55 to 5 angle, DMX 129-255 / 5 to 30 angle. I am using MA Fixture Builder. It is possible? What is the smallest angle value (5-5) in 3d that you enter on the border of the zoom angle range to make the transition of the angle change as smooth as possible?:/

    I correct value of angle now, sorry.🙃

    I don't know what plugins it is, but .3ds has some restrictions (in dot23d). It can have only one material and one texture, the name must be limited to eight characters, the name of the texture and probably the material too. The number of vertices is also limited. I don't know if you can import solids composed of several separate solids, I have to try. It's best to upload a file and try to see what's in it.

    Thank you very much Uli. Know that what you see will be ok. I was more concerned about whether the interface, icons and descriptions are readable or very small ...

    Thank you and best regards:)


    Absolutely. You can use one or the other with the appropriate translator. A lot has been said here in the forum. As for midi, without any translator you can map only buttons, potentiometers not. Potentiometers without translator only on-off. To start with, try a dedicated program, e.g. ShowCocpit, or brend otto midi to art-net or monster or many ... Read this ...

    127 midi note input

    What is your midi console?


    I have a wash led in the show, which I changed to a 3D model that doesn't suit me. How can I restore it to the default model? Reset selected only sets the item to 000.

    Hello michael

    Thank you for your answer. It actually helped to remove all devices, most not connected (red). I think the problem was that if onPC is, for example, a slave, after disconnecting the network, it automatically goes into the Master state. And then we have two master consoles that are arguing with each other, you need to watch it. Take over the session, sometimes it worked, sometimes not, but probably the problem was not removed (maybe unused) devices. I had the wrong belief that a "new session" would reset everything and we would start from scratch.

    I use wifi is a fact, but only for really small corrections, when I do not want to pull a dozen meters of cable. Especially when I need to rearrange the decorations on the stage, improve directions and levels, and, for example, save the corrected scenes. And with onPC I have easier and faster access to functions, especially cues. And for my needs, it works well enough. That's all, trust me. And that's why I asked for help, despite ...


    Hello everyone.

    I have a question, is the show session that was started at least once remembered? I mean, does it have any settings memory, and if so, can it be somehow cleared? I have such a problem that I try to connect onPC with the console after wifi, (I know, I shouldn't;)), I click new sesion1, and the strangest things happen, the console is still booting. If I click new sesion2, everything works great ....

    I have the same problem. I have two consoles: dot2 XLF updated three, maybe 4 times, from version 1.1 to 1.5, and a completely new, not used, dot2 core, with a clean version 1.5. All my shows are created in version 1.3.2. and were opened on both consoles, unfortunately, with the same result, i.e. a problem with determining the position of executor faders, right after turning on the consoles, and actually during the first use of executors. I don't remember that there were such problems on version 1.3. I haven't checked yet whether the show created in the clean version 1.5 will have the same problems. I'll check it out after the weekend.