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    Thanks, but that is still the length of the entire effect. If I change the speed the length of all steps change. I want one step to always be a fixed time. The speed setting changes the length of the entire effect but no the step that is fixed in time.

    Example of what I want to be able to do, if I have a stepped dimmer chase. I want the full/on step to be 0.3 seconds. If the speed is 0.6s it is on half of the time and off half of the time. If I increase the speed, it is on longer than it is off. If the speed is below 0.3s it is on all of the time. If the speed is 2s it is off for 1.7s and on for 0.3.

    This specific effect can be achieved by a sequence that is controlled on by a speed master, the cues in the sequence has command that triggers a GO of another sequence that turns on/off the dimmer. Not very flexible...


    Anyone know if/how it is possible to set the width of a step in seconds/milliseconds?

    What I want to achieve is an effect where one step is fixed in milliseconds and the length of the second step(s) gets adjusted when the speed of the effect is changed.

    I am trying to understand the time code XML to be able to export from another tool into MA.

    It seems like removing "Caller" has no effect. Looks like it "only" indicated how that event was added. If you are using cue 1 of the predefined "target" it seems like I can remove "ValCueDestination" and "Object" can be removed.

    These I do not really undersand what they do. Do someone have more insight?

    1. Type="Key"
    2. Source="Original"
    3. UserProfile="0"
    4. IsRealtime="1"
    5. IssuedByTimecode="0"
    6. FromLocalHardwareFader="1"

    In the header I have not been able to figure out what these do:

    1. AutoStop="No" SwitchOff="Keep Playbacks" Goto="as Go"

    Snippet from an exported time code track where I click a few executors defined as flash buttons.