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    Thanks Axel, I know that dot2 will never be a standard festival console. I just wanted to check out the possibilities.
    I really love to work with my gma2light but I'm looking for a more lightweight console since a long time. The dot2 seems to be the best choice.
    In my eyes the console is much more than a teachers or beginners console.
    With 4096channels it's possible to control more than 100 movinglights, some channels and some media server layers at the same time and that is not small.
    Even I like to do my work fast, intuitive and without confusing options.

    Is it possible to activate attributes together by using encoder grouping? On gma1 and gma2 I have made my own groups to activate all color attributes at the same time when I only set one of the color attributes. This saves time and prevents problems because unused color attributes are automatically stored with a zero value in presets and cues. This is also good in combination of fixtures with two or more gobo wheels. How does the dot2 behave with that?

    Ok, if you have enough single executors per page this might be not that bad.
    You have told about virtual playback. How does the virtual playback look like. How much possibilities do I have with it?

    Autofix might be a good idea if you have a show already programed with single pages for every song. But have you ever worked on a festival this way? When you need lots of single faders per group and lots of flash buttons. Changing a page and don't be able to activate the sequence of page two because of a sill running sequence of page one can be very frustrating. The Chamsys consoles behave that way and this was one of the reasons I have stopped working with it. Please think about an option to deselect autofix.