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    Rainschn : I'm also looking at what kind of graphics card I want to use but for now I will probably go for something that runs MA3 well with the possibility to do some 3d while prepping for a show. And when I want to do fancy 3d render a friend will join to with his pc/laptop who has a better graphics card and will join session so we can use that pc for 3d rendering and the console pc for control. With the budget in mind I think the NUC skull will be the best option for now looking at the form factor of the housing, cpu and I/O options.

    Regarding the keyboard you are on the right track. It works with shortcuts. It's basically a 'normal' keyboard only with a different layout. I designed myself the pcb. The key-switches are just regular keyboard switches and I've diode-lasered myself the text into the blank keycaps and filled it with with paint. Not really rocket science ;) Anyone with a little bit of Arduino or other keyboard controller knowledge can do it :)

    Thanks for your input guys. The Intel Nuc Skull is maybe a good option. I thought these where €1000,- or more for a barebone so I did not look into them. I'm making a compact setup on a budget. I'm not using it professionally so investing thousands into consoles is not worth the money. We are now gonna try to use two 15.6" portable touch displays, a Behringer X-touch compact (got it for a bargain price) and I made a custom keyboard for the command section of MA3. Still work in progress, we have to make an enclosure but work already great :) Can also be used as a usb keyboard so you can do some preprogramming on your laptop or so without the need of a console.

    Hi guys,

    I'm recently building on a diy console for MA3 onPC. I know a lot of you guys use a laptop or a full dekstop pc but is there anyone out there that usages a mini pc like a Intel NUC or something similar? I have 2 nucs at home but they both have only one HDMI out port. I really like to have some more I/O. At least 2 display (HDMI) out ports and 4 to 6 usb. I found this mini pc what should handle MA3 onPC very well or does has anyone other recommendations?

    Love to see your ideas/setups :)