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    Hi everyone.
    I'm trying to send timecode to my DOT2 onPC so that it can trigger a sequence for an intro. I have timelord running on one PC sending timecode out to another PC running WYSIWYG and OnPC.
    I can't seem to get the SMPTE Timecode to lock onto the signal being send. Does anyone know if there is a certain way I need to get it to see it. I've got TimeLord outputting SMTPE LTC out of the headphone jack of my laptop on the left channel which goes into the mic input of my main desktop running OnPC. Is there anything else I need to d to make OnPC see the timecode or is that it? I can see that the mic input on my desktop is retrieving the signal for timecode.
    Thanks for your time guys.

    Does anyone have a fixture profile for the SGM LT-100s.
    They are an LED bar with 27 x RGB pixels. So all together they have 81 DMX channels.
    If anyone has a patch they can send over, it would be very helpful as I don't fully understand the fixture builder yet.