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    I created a cycliod fixture with GMA3 fixture editor and I assigned it a "rectangle" beam. I got this :

    The fixture cannot be dimmed if the projection surface is visible, and it creates graphic bugs that can be removed with a UIRELOAD

    I'm on a Compact

    Did someone had such issue ?

    Hi again !

    finally i could resolve my "capture" dmx issue with assigning dmx in remote to a sequence, and doing " if output" and typing 3 times " please" after, it captures sequence levels in programmer. it does what i want to do !

    I would like to do a macro for this, has someone an idea of the right syntax ?


    Hi guys,

    And thank you for your answers !

    Indeed, the best thing i guess i have to do is to use dmx remotes : The idea is to use conventional desk to have more faders ( instead of buying an extra MA desk ! :D )

    now i can control a group with conventional desk, it's not too bad, but what i would like is to "capture" dimmer group levels in progammer. for the moment, i can just capture fixtures with " if please", but not the levels.

    I understand a little german, I'm going to have a look at eleraning university of Lightpower.

    Hi !

    I'm currently discovering my new grandma3 compact and try to connect in DMX in a conventional light console ( AVAB Presto ) with the idea to have more physical faders.

    I connected the conventional console on port G and setted the universe on 1 : I want to be able to command conventional dimmer with conventiional console or/and with grandma3.

    It works a bit, I can control my dimmers with both consoles.

    The problem is that grandmaster has no effect on dmx in values. What do I do wrong ? I tried different parameters on Merge G but did not get the expected results.

    Another thing is completely crazy : If I light up dimmers with conventional console, they light up trough grandma, but if I lower grandmaster on conventional console, dimmers stay light up on grandma !

    DMX in that worked rather fine on grandma2 seems to be very bugged on 3.

    did someone met the same issue ?

    Hi ! when I connect a USB key to the console ( compact grandMA3 ) the key is not recognized, i have the message : " Invalid system disk- Replace the disk and strike any key".

    I tried to format usb key in 16, 32 and 64 bytes, but nothing changes. what do i do wrong ? My goal is to update the console.