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    Hi Danielk

    Thanks a lot for the feedback and I’m sure you’ll will find a way, or may be hint’s as an option pop up as per what your groups or wings are or what ever the programmer can give various options on that are achievable apart from the original to have a different look as it can learn as an Ai

    Thank you and your team I do enjoy the E-Learning and working on it cheers.


    On Ma PC if you use the matricks grid it works fine

    . E.g. If you type a simple command such as delay from x e.g. 0 to delay to x e.g. 3 to set of lights which are on it will show you instantly on the 3D window as delay from 0to3 sec spread on the set of lights.

    But on the Ma And some old ones it want show you live change you have to save as preset and then play it and see if it works