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    I'm using Gigabyte Brix Gaming VR "Blocks" (measuring about 10x10x20cm) and I'm very happy with them. But they are difficult to find on the market. You can only get them as used ones. They have 2 HDMI Outputs and two MiniDP-Out (or 1 HDMI and 3 MiniDP on the older one (it is silver)).

    The older one can be fitted with two NVram Disks an two 2,5" HDs if youz want. The newer one (in black) aceepts one 2,5" HD and two NVram HDs as far as i remember. Ram can be up to 32GB (or more - as far as I... :-) ).

    I think they have a very good cooling system and they have never been really loud during the last 6 Months. Some people say they are noisy, but I think they compare it with absolutely nonoise Computers for bedrooms. I would say they do not make more noise than writing with a "normal" Keyboard.

    The Skull seemed expensive to me to, so I looked for an alternative with a good graphic card. The Brix has a nvidia 1060 with 6GB VRAm or the older one has a 1050 with 4GB VRam (as far as I remember - I'm just "use" them now... :-) ).

    The Brix Blocks maybe not as small as the skull and have no way to "screw" them in a case (but it's not very difficult to mount a block in a case...), but I think the Graphics card is better and as MA3 "wants it all" expecially due to 3D I decided to invest in a good Graphic card. Because when the system is "on the road" often it will be as it is and it often means not little trouble to change the heart of the system...

    Rizard : Can You tell more about Your Keyboard (via PN or here in the Forum)? Is it using the Keyboard Shortcuts and how did you build it? What are the "ingredients"?

    Hm, as I tried the Groupmasters with the mentioned workaround it seems to me, that the GM doesn't work for Fixtures with virtual Dimmers. I tried this with a simple LED Bar (after trying with another Fixture) with 12 RGB Pixels and the GM has no influence in 3D. I don't know how it looks like in "real life"... But in 3D, nothing happens to the (virtual) intensity...

    As there is some discussion about how to use OSC, I think my question doesn't fit to bad here...

    I'm using Reaper (hopefully MA3 can receive it's Timecode over Network as well as my Chamsys-System did earlier... didn't try so far.) and I simply want to start, pause and stop audio-Files from MA3 onPC.

    So it seems everything is configured right because Reaper shows me some incoming OSC Messages (/ [s] PLAY - to be exact) in the listening Window.

    I created a Macro which does: Sen 1 "/,s,PLAY" and as Reaper (with IP seems to receive this command well, there must be something out there that I don't understand...

    BTW.: It seems as it works only when you have Reaper on a different PC than MA3 (as Daniel Kannenberg mentioned in the Webinar about OSC as well).

    The Syntax seems to be right as I can find the PLAY Command in the Default OSC File of Reaper as well, but as you would expect now: Reaper doesn't do anything but showing my sent command. I still miss playing audio when my MA3 onPC wants it...

    I have no idea what simple thing would be the 'missing thing' to get this running. Has anyone here a good idea?

    Edt: Uh! I found it out myself! :-)

    It really was the wrong syntax.

    So if anyone wants to control Reaper via OSC the right Macro Comand for presing the Play-Button in Reaer (V. 6.18) is: sen 1 "/play,i,1" then it worked fine on my system! :-)

    Edit 2: It works on the same PC to! Just send via UDP instead of TCP.

    In the System Requierements they want Mac OS Sierra or higher.

    But the processor "should" be a Intel Core CPU or comparable AMD CPU and they have to be able to use SSE 4.2.

    So this is a good and difficult question!

    Don't You think it's the best idea to ask the MA Support and write down their answer here? Because no one really knows better how the MA3 Mac "onMac" Version needs the architecture of the Mac "PCs" than the people from MA ...

    And as the new M1 Systems from apple seem to be really powerful, there will be many users woh will be really interested in this information even to use the new M1 Macs as a 3D machine perhaps...

    Did you connect the input with DMX Remotes? There you it should be possible to connect external DMX with 'virtual' Executor Faders or buttons.

    And it is important to turn off the Universes as well. So if you use Univere 1 for Input and Output, then you will have a 'direct output' on channel 1 e.g. if you raise Ch. 1 from the external Desk... So just use your input universes for input only and not for output!

    If you understand german: there is a wonderful webinar video about external Inputs on the eleraning university of Lightpower where this is all explained.

    No, that is not possible as far as I know.

    Do you want to import a CSV-Marker-File from Reaper?

    There is a tool available from a chinese programmer. I can help you with that if you want... You can find it on Youtube as well. But the homepage is in chinese and it will be difficult to download the software because of all the chinese symbols...

    Oh, my onPC System startet even on an totally uncompatible AMD Processor. So it might not be the system...

    Did you try a clean start as well?

    It sounds a little bit crazy to start a software in Win8 mode which recommends Win10 for proper use... 😳

    No, You need the touchscreen functionality on your mac itself. MA3 onPC ist not including Touchscreen-Function in the Software. This has to be 'delivered' from theoperating system itself.

    I'm looking for someone who will help me getting more familiar with MA3. The best would be to work in a real meeting. But via phone call and an onPC-Remote-Session over the Internet would be helpful too. I want to learn from someone who knows much more from MA3 than me. I can work with it, but i want to learn how to structure the show file, how to build up a show and how to get the results i want.

    Oh, I know how to work with MA3 in the basics, but as I am switching from Chamsys there are many things still very strange to me and it costs a lot of time to find out what is going on. Maybe to work with someone who is working with the system more professional might be very helpful for me.

    Oh, and I had some contact with real and good professionals! But one who is really good in MA3 is to busy to have time, one is thinking about a workshop with more than one participant and another one is really a freak in MA2 (and is in good contact with Christian Jackson too) but even he is not having enough time for me and has got only a small experience in MA3. So I really found someone, but not really 'suitable' for my needs...8|

    I'm german and i live not far away from Paderborn - in Hannover. So if anyone would like to visit me (or let me visit him/her) or would like to have a long telephone call with me (in german please), i might be very happy later! ;-) And I will pay for it too, if it is wanted.

    I'm doing (and did) the same in Chamsys if somebody asked and asks me for help, because I love(d) the consoles very much. <3

    And now I'm looking for someone who would help me falling in love with MA3, too! <3

    Please write me a PN if anybody wants to help me.

    Oh, I think you 'doubled' it. So if You set the TrigType to BPM and then you set the Speedmaster to BPM as the Speedmaster, then the Sequence doesn't know what to do. I even tried around with BPM, but it seems as it doesn't work yet (because opening a sound window showed no BPM-Result in an earlier Verson of MA3 (i think it was 1.2 when i tested it). But if You use BPM as TrigTime and the BPM as Speedmaster so the Sequence will get the timing Information from two places I think. That might be the reason why nothing happens.

    Try to use Time as TrigType and the BPM as the Speedmaster. Then it might work and override the timing that is found in TrigTime in the Sequence.

    Triggering my lights bei Sound (or neither beat) is one of my most interesting things for the future!

    Or just use the BPM as TrigType and no Speedmaster. And open a Sound Window and choose BPM to see if MA3 really calculates the BPM.

    But maybe it works better if You use Sound as the TrigType and then "Bass" at "TrigSound".

    But as I am feeling still "in the beginning" with MA3, I didn't "play around" with sound a lot. I even found out, that louder Beats let the Sequence step two times instead of one wanted step. So You should use a limited signal or an "AutoGain" on the sound-input. But I don't know how i can get this "quick and easy" without a professional Mixing Desk or even an external Limiter.

    But as far as I know, many LightOperators are not using SoundInput for beatsynced shows. They often Use Tap or a Speedfader which shows the BPM and You can Match this to the speed of the DJs Software.