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    I have created a simple sequence with 3 cues.

    Cue 1: Led pars 100% at red

    Cue 2: Led pars 100% at green

    Cue 3 Led pars 100% at blue

    I have set the cue fade time for all cues to 1 second.

    In the sequence "Wrap around" is enabled.

    With the fader up and pressing Go+ mulitple times the cues are shown as expected.

    But when bringing the fader up the color is first white and after the second of fade which is set, the led pars are red.

    What do I have to do to keep the fade of 1 second for the "Wrap around" in all cues but when raising the fader up the color is direct red?

    I have looked in the help and on the forum but couldn't find an answer.

    Thank you in advance.