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    well I had that question when setting up the agenda. Is it using the Timezone time or the clock ?

    Because, actually I had problems with timezome time, which was not keeping the same time.

    That could be the problem. I will go back to the venue tomorrow and check it out as well.

    Let me know !


    Anyone had issue with the agenda ?

    Looks like it only works 1 day out of two, or out or three.. then it works again.. I can also see events ready for every day on the Calendar.

    I went trough the setup 3 times, and I have pretty sure at 100% everything is good.

    I tested the settings a few times by entering a, few minutes from now time, and everything worked like a charm.

    Any idea?

    Bug ?

    I did all I could trying to create a simple Relative phaser from 10 to -10.

    It never works and I can't figure out what am I doing wrong on such a simple task.

    I select needed fixture(s) and then :

    1. Select R+ or Relative tab over Dimmer attribute

    2. Dimmer at 10

    3. Select step 2

    4. Dimmer at -10

    5. Save it as Selective

    It runs fine as long as I keep the initial dimmer level on the fixture I had before creating it.. As soon as I change it, values from phaser don't make sense anymore.

    Each time I update a preset, the icon shows old data.

    Let's say I create a 2 steps color ( green and white ) preset using the phaser. I store it and the Icon shows the half/half circle containing those 2 colors.

    To create the same effect using different colors, I do copy the preset and the modify it this way;

    select step 1 only;

    Int "new color preset"
    select step 2;

    Int "new color preset"


    then it show an icon with the new colors, and the old ones as well

    What am I doing bad?


    Hello all.

    1. is it yet possible to write something in the layout.. I mean, in a proper way, not a turn around..

    2. I couldn't find how to keep individual Scale size for each layouts.. If I zoom in a layout, it will zoom in all others as well.


    Well, my concern is mostly to save time when programming.

    To make it clear, I will give a basic exemple from MA2 motor effect:

    I have a dimmer effect on 10 fixtures, with wing at 2 and a phaser from 0 thru 90.

    I like it and I want to use it later on other fixtures

    Later comes, I can simply copy the effect, select 10 new fixtures and use Take Selection in the effect editor, then make tiny mods.

    Advantages here, all phase values, wing setting and speed are still there, and it took 5 seconds.

    Athough now, I can't manage how to copy a phaser from a group of fixture to another one and keep phase/speed values.I feel like cooking takes a step too much for what could be a little faster.

    But I will keep looking.. Magic-Fonction is not what I am looking for.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I might be in the wrong direction, but I am trying to record a phaser in order to use it as some kind of template on other fixtures.

    Here is the situation:

    first 5 fixtures: I create a P/T phaser and apply speed/phase to them. Everything is fine and I record it in All preset window as a Global preset mode.

    When I select my 5 next fixtures, and click on the previously made preset, the phaser starts but they won't have any Phase/speed applied.

    What am I doing wrong, or what don't I understand correctly.


    Fixture <destination> At Fixture <source> works here too. This is functionally the same as Clone Fixture <source> At Fixture <destination>, and you'll get a popup reflecting that. See also this thread.

    Well, I am not looking to clone anything.. All I want to transfer values, FX and Times from one fixture to another fixture, using the filter windows to take whatever I need.

    What it does now :

    The ony way I could tranfer values from one fixture to another fixture is using Copy/Paste Programmer, which does not copy FX.. and does not take anything from the programmer window..

    I know many options are not implanted yet, and it's fine.. Just tell me if it's the case !

    Yes I read the manual... but still have questions.. (:

    words = Got it.. thanks

    1. What is the syntax to copy values from one fixture to another, as used on MA2 ( « fixture 2 at fixture 1 » does not seem to work )

    2. What is the new option for OFFTIME.. I need to put a OFFTIME on a TEMP button. How would you do it now ?

    3. To build a stage, I had to import 3ds files.. Is it the easiest way to create a stage right now?

    4. In 3D window, how do I change custom dimmer levels for different types of fixtures ( some fixtures are way too bright compare to others )

    5. « Fadermaster page 1.201 at 100 fade 3 » not working from cmdline. Is the « fade » option not implanted yet ?

    6. Is USB midi control implanted yet ?

    7. What is the utility of the keyword « Action » ? I did not understand the explanation in Help documentation.

    8. What is the meaning of the different software version numbers ( Ver, ) , yep less important question ... (:

    9. How to add fixture to a specific effet preset, which is actually Selective to specific fixtures.


    Sorry but I am confused on that command.

    Let's say I have 10 regular Sharpys. They are numbered fixture 1 thru 10.

    Fixture 1 thru 5 = Dimmer FX + Shade from Blue to White.

    All I want is to copy values using "fixture 10 thru 6 at fixture 1 thru 5", just as it would work on the MA2... but it does not work at all.

    I can make it work if using Copy/Paste Programmer, although I find it slow for a "really important" command, specially when you need to go thru the filters.

    Am I wrong ? any faster way to do it ?


    **Update** : It actually launches, although it takes about 5 minutes before it starts...

    Not much is happening in the terminal:

    actually, nothing change when I launch Grandma3 files..


    TerminalApplication has created components

    TerminalApplication is starting components

    This application is using realtime threads. Raising process priority.

    TerminalApplication has started components

    Could not open file C:\ProgramData\MALightingTechnology\gma3_1.2.0\shared\export\network_keys/key_registry.dat for reading

    Terminal started. type 'exit' to quit



    hello all,

    Anyone had this message when starting the software ?


    I am not so familiar with windows, but seems to me it will erase files files seen as viruses. In that case, could you tell me how to turn that option off ?

    If it is something else, so what it is ?


    SystemApplication has created components

    SystemApplication is starting components

    This application is using realtime threads. Raising process priority.

    System TCP server started

    SystemApplication has started components

    Could not open file C:\ProgramData\MALightingTechnology\gma3_1.2.0\system\config/Console.dat for reading


    thank you !