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    Workaround doesn't help. DMX Refreshrate doesn't change.

    I solved the problem with an Artnet node where you can set the Refresh Rate / frequency

    I hope this will be fixed soon as possible

    Thanks for your Reply, Oliver.

    I will test this workaround.

    Could test it only before the shows.

    Next show is on Friday. I will test it with my actual Showfile and also i will create an nearly emty showfile to test.

    I hope the workaround will work, as I have to drive 2 shows per week with this material for the next 6 weeks :/

    Hey Guys,

    yesterday I have several Issus running my Show.

    My Show looks realy nice in 3D and also in Realizzer (visualization).

    But at the Venue I got problems by Connecting my Movingheads directly to the DMX Output from the Command Wing.

    Using JB P7 with TRX Interface. It seems like the DMX Signal is to weak. The Heads reacting very spontaneous.

    Connecting the TRX Interface thru ArtNet (OnPC -> Eurolite ArtNet Node 8 MK2 -> Showtec DMX Splitter -> JB TRX)

    It seems the Heads work properly. But my programmed Phasers don't work. They unuseable.

    Again the Virtual Look (3D and Realizzer) looks good. But on Stage only 2 of 6 Heads are moving.

    And the they move randomly. Additionally the Dimmer reacts really rough. The Dimmer stutters like the cheapest China LED Lights 8o

    Same settings tested with another Desk (GLP Creation II) the Heads react perfectly.

    Any other Problems like mine?

    Greets Tom

    I found another one.

    If I Delete a running Sequence the Software crashes and restart :D


    Only on my i7 based System

    On my AMD Ryzen 5 System works fine :D

    Only Sequences with Phasers in it :rolleyes:

    Hey Guys,

    i think i found a Bug. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    When I reorder a Cue within an Sequence by typing the following command

    Move Sequence 27 Cue 1 at 10

    the 1st Cue moved to the 10th Postition in the Sequence but The Number of the Cue is still 1 (No automatical Renumbering)

    Now when i want to move this cue again (The Cue No is still 1) i can't move this cue.

    If I edit the No of the cue manually by editing the No field the Cue can be moved.

    Greets Tom

    Hello Folks,

    I'm new in GrandMA3.

    it is possible to set that a new page is not always created when you press the page + or page button?

    that it only switches between the previously created pages?