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    New problem i discovered,

    Same phaser doesn't seem to follow beat of the speed master.

    So here how its setup,

    Got 2 Cue list with recipe presets running dim phasers.

    First cue is always full the second cue is odd/even phaser.

    So both cue list run odd/even phaser Which is Universal phaser. my spots and my wash are running the same phaser. The cue list linked to same Speed1 master. Both Cue list are div 2.

    So you would aspect that the spots and wash would act the same but the don't. And yes both spot and wash are robes there are led don't have different fade times i checked.

    Both led fixture run at different speeds. So whats happening in the software that this is happening????

    Because when i select both groups in the selection grid and tap the odd/even phaser they do run at the actual speed.

    But when they are in seperated cuelist and running the same phaser via speed master they differ in speed from each other.

    While changing Preset colors or any presets live with macro merging or overwriting the current Preset.

    The whole rig will flash, even when the preset that is overwriten is not active in a sequence.

    So those blind mode work or not in this version of ma 3. Its really frustrating to work with.

    And when can we expect a fix for this

    I have came across a rather annoying problem.

    I have patched some Led Fixtures, i have splitted them in main group and subgroup.

    But now when i want to make a dim chase i cant access the universal or global pallets for these specific groups.(stay grayed out)

    I can still make with the step bar but then i have to make every dimmer chase for that specific fixture.

    Anyone came across this?

    Cue 1 Recipe Group preset 0 thru 360

    Cue 2 Recipe Group preset 360 thru 0

    Note that your group selection is important to make this work, like a Rig bounce left to right.

    Ya this sort off fixes the issue.

    Using now REL Preset Home Position of the Movers stored in a Exec with High priority and temp.

    Will see when Ma implements a good stomp.

    Thanks Andreas for the Fix.

    But then your basically working of position presets.

    I can already control the effect size with a temp fader for that REL Circle.

    But the problem occurs when you have multiple REL presets in 1 sequence. The Go+ overrides the temp fader value.

    So the next cue ignores the Temp fader being @ 0. When actual you want to go+ to next cue (pan preset) to start @ 0% Temp.

    So every time you bring up your temp fader the effect start running.

    It does work if you have all your movements separately in cue. Not in a cue stack.

    But that defeats the purpose of limiting faders on the desk.

    Then i need 3 faders for each Moving light + additional macro to change the recipe.

    I have a Question, On MA2 i used to make stomp groups for positions effects. So you could temporarily kill that effect.

    Now on ma 3 we have 2 layers.

    Absolute Layer containing my Position. Say all spots on stage.

    Relative Layer is a Phaser running a Symtrical circle.

    Can we control which layer is active with a temp fader. Or similar that i can Stomp my Symtrical phaser.

    I have it now setup that my Movements phasers are in a Sequence list.

    Cue 1: Circle

    Cue 2: Pan

    Cue 3: Tilt

    I can control these with a temp fader. But when changing cue's with go it doesn't listen to temp fader and jumps right away to max phaser size.

    Does somebody have better way of controlling movements??

    Also when i off the sequence it abruptly goes to the absolute Layer. But i have a 2 seconds in my off cue of that Sequence.

    So some how it does not listen to the offcue settings.

    Make your own macro.

    Select Group (number)

    attribute ColorRGB_R At

    attribute ColorRGB_G At

    attribute ColorRGB_B At

    attribute ColorRGB_W At

    Store Preset 4. (your preset place)/m

    Copy and paste to update all your Moving and Par Fixtures.

    When i start the software it keeps coming up with releases notes, also it always opens a new show.

    And on my other computer it works just fine, it boots straight into my show.

    Problems i notice with in the phaser.

    1/ You can't store empty presets in the phaser. So you can make 2 step phaser with only 1 preset present in step 1 that you can update by macro.

    2/ You can't change phase for a single step. it always changes all steps, also when i just have 1 step selected.

    3/ Presets integrated within phaser work only with Store mode Selection. You can not update presets integrated within a phaser if the phaser is stored as a global or universal preset.

    Option to put a release function within the phaser, so it can Release that step, and go back to value active on stage.

    Now with phaser it just overrides everything on stage.

    Another Question when i use presets in phasers,

    And i update the presets used in that phaser.

    The phaser doesn't get updated right, because it makes complete new preset phaser.

    So there is not really i way to make Colorfx phaser that i can update with presets live? Other then manual bumping using presets in sequence.