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    Hi to everyone. I saved my user with my views, but when I log in, some pools are mising and others were moved on the screens :/

    Is it a bug or I did something wrong?

    In the OnPc I created a user and I imported my profile, after I link my user whit my profile. I think these are the steps

    The command line shows me this message when I login to my session

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Daniel.

    An important part in my busking showfile is to have stomps for attributes like movements or color phasers for some types of fixtures, but personally i don't like to reload my current cue in my main secuence. Probably i made some changes on it. In this situation, what should I do for stomp fixtures and preserve the position/color for the current cue?

    Thanks in advance

    I'm in the same situation. When I stomp any parameter some asbolute values stay in the programer and are stored together with the stomp in the seq. I tried to remove this off, release, remove... But it also removed the stomp. What am i missing? :/

    Hi guys. I have some isues with the timing in the presets.

    When I put fade time in colors and recall it, the color fades to white and after that, it fades to the color in the preset. Same with the position presets, the fixtures go first to other position and after that, they go with the fade time to my preset position. Does the same happen to anybody?


    Thanks Ryan.

    For the stomp question, what you say it's for some cues in a secuence, rigth? but when I stomp running phasers in the programmer or in other secuences, what would I do to control this phasers whit an executor?

    Hi guys. I have some questions for you.

    I was trying to put an executor (also a sequence) in swop mode like in MA2 but I did not get it. Is this possible in MA3? also Kill mode?

    How can I Stomp a running Phaser with an executor? (again, like an a MA2 with a stomp in a temp fader...)

    and the other thing is: Is it possible to record my DMX output, or a content of some cues in to a new cue?

    Thanks in advance

    I use Intel Nuc skull i7 8809G procesor, 32gb of ram and radeon VegaM for the graphics. It has a lot of usb (6) conections, 2 mini displayports, 2 hdmi and thunderbolt ports to connect everything. Also I use 22" IIyama multi touch screens. Right now I need to modify the case to put the fader wing inside.

    HI. Maybe this is the wrong fortum, but as you can read my question is that if there is any configuration option that i'm overlooking. 8o

    The Avolites work perfectly with an artnet elation node with the same IP and configurations in the same table the MA does. I tried blocking the RDM to put the artnet in continuous and the MA node keeps giving me the same error. I also tried a Chamsys and the error is the same as the AVO.

    I have an MA3 port node 2K that i bought recently and for thos event i had to work with an AVO, but i needed 5 DMX universes (this AVO has 4 physicals) and i thought that if the AVO takes out the artnet and the node converts the artnet to dmx it might work instead of renting a node (something i had to do in the end).||

    Hi guys, I have a issue with MA3 OnPc 2k node. I use this in mode 2 with ArtNet configuration conecting to a Avo board. The Avo see the node and the output is running, but my fixtures sometimes stops a second when i run a effect or move fixtures for make positions. I was change the node for other whit the same network configuration and it's work perfect. I miss something to configure in the node?:/

    MA3 node, runs in mode 2 and conect to a Avo... Funny :D

    OH! sorry.

    The problem happens when I shwich between normal and setup mode. In setup mode the selection left to right are ok, but in the normal mode the selection changes to wrong selection order.

    Hi to all. I have a issue using layout and worlds. When I select fixtures left to right in my layout the selection order when I press NEXT button are good, every fixture goes left to rigth. But if I use a world all my selections goes like my fixture sheet, first my 101 fixtures, after my 201... I'm in the full world.

    What I doind wrong? :/