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    Can anyone confirm this:

    In 1.4 on a Compact XT if I assign anything to the layout and go into setup mode the Function and Encoders are blank.

    If I do the same on LT or onPC it works fine.

    Yup I missed it.


    Intensity values changing to a lower value, are not affected by the "Fade Dimmer" time. They are controlled by the "Cue Out Fade".

    Only Human :)

    Right you are, or absent minded me. However looking at his file I didn't see iTimes on any of the channels causing them to fade at 0 time (green or orange ticks).

    For example in Cue 4 fixtures 201,203,204,206 are at full and in Cue 5 transition to 12, on stage they do so at 0 Fade and 0 Delay, but they don't have iTimes?. What am I missing? (I'm sure it's right in front of my eyes)

    As far as I can tell in Cues 5, 17 and 18 you have 1 Fade 1 Delay Preset Times, however in those cues it doesn't look like you have presets for dimmers. So while those cues show a duration of 2 that is only for any applied dimmer presets in those cues.

    You can fix this either by using individual times, or recording the dimmer information in a preset which will be affected by Preset Time.

    I've never seen that error, though I also don't have my language set to Korean.

    Assuming this is Windows 10, what happens if you run the following command from PowerShell.

    You should get the same hash if the file is valid.

    Get-FileHash <DRAG the .exe here>



    So This has happened a number of times but this if the first time I noticed the error in the System Monitor

    I can still ping localhost so the stack seems to be up.

    As above killing the application causes it to just restart.

    I have not seen this happen before, but I have not done anything of note with OSC yet. However take a look at the More > System Monitor Window Since it has times and you may see an error or something else that might point you in the right direction.

    I noticed something very similar yesterday messing around.

    I noticed that somewhere along the way the selection grid gets messed up, causing something similar to what you are seeing.

    First I select 10 fixtures and make a two step:

    • 1 thru 10 at 0
    • next step
    • at full
    • store preset 1.1
    • Clearall
    • SelFix Preset 1.1
    • At Preset 1.1

    So far so good

    Now with this phaser running I adjust the phase:

    • At Phase 0 thru 360 (I can never remember how to do this on the command line)
    • Store Preset 1.2
    • clearall
    • SelFix Preset 1.2
    • At Preset 1.2

    Notice the selection grid starts at 2 now. Also notice preset 2 has the dreaded Universal, Global Selective.

    If I edit Preset 2 it looks like Fixture 1 isn't even selected

    Technically 0 and 360 refer to the same instant in the phase, so perhaps there is some backend math that is done to "zero base" the phase?

    In your command section you have a button that say single step

    The single step is meant for the programmer, it allows stop on the selected step.

    Unfortunately Single Step, Repeat and Bounce are not implemented yet.

    As Chieffcrew says you can create a multi-step preset with delay times for each parameter or you could also create a multi part cue in the same way. Now you can also can even use atMAgic presets if the effect is linear.

    I've also run into this and the issue seems to be that Universal is perhaps partially baked.

    For example.

    • Patch a single LED Tile
    • Set it's color
    • Long Press Store and change preset more to Universal
    • Store Preset 4.1 (shows as UG)
    • Export Preset 4.1 "MyColor"
    • Make a new show
    • Patch a single LED Par
    • Import Preset 4.1 "MyColor" (again shows as UG)
    • Preset does not work on the LED Tile

    To fix this:

    • Edit Preset 4.1
    • Clone Global 1 at global thru /o
    • Update (choose ok)

    The reason this works is because the Universal fixture is always Global 1 so cloning it to all the global fixtures copies the universal data to all the global fixtures (that have that attribute).

    Since it feels like the Universal Fixture (Global 1) is currently not working there is no need take the extra step of storing as universal but it just makes it consistent.

    There is probably a much easier way but I found this works.