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    When I export (and then import) a PataPool between showfiles, I'm expecting that Executor assignments should also be imported (as they are children of the Page objects), but this is not working as expected. Is this a bug or a feature?

    My larger goal is to find the best workflow for merging (PSR from MA2) showfiles on a daily basis. (I need to integrate local production with a touring package)

    So I think this is a bug, but I hate to say that because often it's just my syntax.

    Off Page 1 Thru 9999.490 - Page 3 Executor 1 thru 490 Works as expected

    Off Page "NAME" Executor 1 thru 490 Works as expected

    Off Page 1 thru 9999.490 - Page "NAME" Executor 1 thru 490 Fails

    Is it not possible to combine these two types of syntax?

    I'm trying to off all pages except for a particular one that I'd like to call by name. I've tried

    1. Off Page 1 thru 9999.* - Page "Page Name" Executor * 

    which I still can't seem to make work.

    I'm struggling with the syntax for turning off pages.

    Off Page 1.1

    turns off Page 1 Exec 1

    Off Page 1.*

    turns off all of Page 1

    Off Page *.*

    turns off all pages

    but I can't seem to get any of the helping keywords to work, is there a specific syntax needed to do something like the following?

    Off Page 3.* Thru 70.* - 14.101

    I'm trying to set Tempo via macro with the following

    1. set master "Speed"."Speed1" Property "NormedValue" 120

    I'm thinking that this may have to do with fader position, but I'm working OnPC and can not test on real hardware.

    Can someone point me to the correct way to set speed via the command line?