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    This is expected. Tapping on a fixture in the fixture sheet adds that fixture to the end of your selection (more accurately, it adds it at the location of the cursor as shown in the selection grid). If you already had the fixture selected, then it moves to the end of the selection. By the way, this is also how it worked in MA2.

    On Dual-Encoder 5 the encoder resolution options are always visible. (Light CRV)
    The Channel Functions are not visible.

    To confirm, you don't have the screen encoder enabled in your user profile?

    Using the Dual Encoders 'Press and turn' option with multiply makes values jump all over.
    Also when you release and continue to turn you get a huge jump.

    (Inner encoder with default settings)

    What fixtures? Which attributes? What resolution and readout?

    In the past when I've seen issues with show files not converting, it usually was because of a malformed fixture profile. Perhaps try deleting different fixturetypes out of your show and converting, to see if you can narrow it down.

    I think I mentioned this on your facebook post?

    • In your grandMA3 OSC settings, the 'Page' and 'Fader' columns should say 'Page' and 'Fader' and be grayed out
    • Based on your picture of TouchOSC, you also need to add 'gma3' in the 'Prefix' column of your grandMA3 OSC settings

    The Magic workflow changed:

    • The MAgic layer was renamed to GridPos.
    • The MAgic values (now GridPos values) are now always activated automatically when entering attribute values or if calling presets. Therefore, they are automatically part of a preset when a preset will be stored.
    • With the automatic creation of the MAgic values (now GridPos values) on the GridPos layer, it is now possible to have different GridPos values for different attributes of the same fixture which expands the creativity.
    • Presets have now a MAgic property (edit the options of a preset, e.g., by executing EditOption Preset x.y). When the MAgic property is enabled, the preset will behave as a MAgic preset and distribute its values across the range of selected fixtures when calling it.
    • The Commands At MAgic and Off MAgic are obsolete now. If you change the grid position of fixtures and would like to apply the new GridPos value you can use At GridPos.


    MAgic Presets must be stored as selective.

    If you long-press the [Page-] button, you will jump back to page 1 automatically, without needing a macro. Then, if your Song macros are defining a variable to indicate song name / page name / page number, you could just have a macro on page 1 to jump back to the page determined by the variable.

    Alternatively, if the masters on page 1 are not in the same executor numbers / positions as other things in your show file, you could simply Fix those executors and they'll show up on every page in the same place anyway - no jumping around required.

    For clarity, you're talking about when you resize the entire display, right? Not when you resize for example a preset pool or a 3D window or something like that.

    Are you running onPC as a windows administrator?

    1. Close onPC
    2. Right-click on the Desktop icon
    3. Click on Properties
    4. Click on the 'Compatibility' tab
    5. Enable the checkbox at the bottom that says 'Run this program as a Windows administrator'
    6. Press {Apply}

    So to clarify, you would want to be able to be on 4 different pages simultaneously - buttons-only row (100-level), button+fader row (200-level), lower button+knob row (300-level), upper button+knob row (400-level)? And also based on the current numbering scheme, the two rows of Xkeys would have the potential to be on two different pages as well (since the bottom row of Xkeys is 1xx and the top row of Xkeys is 2xx).

    Hey would be amazing to get FaderPage and ButtonPage back to switch the Pages individual..

    How should the 300- and 400-level executors be handled in this case, since all 4 rows are individual? And what about when you have some executors that span across multiple rows?