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    Solid bright green = dmx values are being output and are changing

    Blinking green = dmx values are being output but not changing

    So e.g. if you have a phaser running for something on universe 2, then universe 2 will be solid bright green because the values are continuously changing. Whereas if you have a static look on universe 1, it will blink because the outputted values aren't changing.

    [...] MA3 [...] does not convert these fixtures automatically

    Correct. How would it know to do this? You might have a mix of correct and placeholder GDTF files, but the placeholder files are still technically valid files. So it imports everything as-is. Then it's up to you to choose which fixtures need new profiles, and what profile to use, and so forth.

    Copying group:

    When copying a group containing numbers in the name e.g 3001 thru 3010 to an empty group renames the newly created group to "3001 thru 3011. Relabeling the new group to "3001 thru 3010" is not possible. Commandline says OK: Label Group x.

    When labeling it to a completly different name its fine: however when relabeling it to "3001 thru 3010"the new name becomes "3001 thru 3011". It looks like GMA3onPC won't accept double names in showfiles. When labeling two groups in an identical way there is a number placed behind the name e.g. A group named "Megapointe" will become "Megapointe#2" when copied which makes sense. but when i label a second group "Megapointe" it will be labeled "Megapointe#2"as wel. I would like to be able to have identical names in showfiles for groups which contain the same fixtures but when selection order is different.

    Yes, currently it is not possible to have the same name for multiple objects in the same pool. At the moment, how the names are enumerated automatically depends on whether the name ends in a string (e.g. "Megapointe" or "3001thru3010") which gets a '#x' added (e.g. "Megapointe#2" or "3001thru3010#2"), or in a number (e.g. "Megapointe 1" or "3001 thru 3010") which increments the number (e.g. "Megapointe 2" or "3001 thru 3011").

    Importing MVR files:

    MVR file created in WYSIWYG R47. Data is transfered fine, no problems at all. FHowever fixture types are not working at all, Fixtures don't show up in 3D. Solution for now is to change fixturetypes from GDTF to GMA2 fixtures. Than everything works as expected.

    I'm not familiar with the current MVR implementation in Wyg. Are you actually able to link the real, created GDTF files before exporting as MVR? Or does Wyg just create placeholder GDTF files (which is what Vectoroworks does if you haven't linked correct GDTF files)? If it creates placeholder GDTF files, then this is of course expected - they have all the data (e.g. patch and positioning), but don't have any other information about the fixture such as 3D model. Thus you would have to change fixture types from the placeholder to a real profile, whether from the grandMA3 tab, GDTF tab, GDTF-Share tab, etc.

    Groups and align:

    I had a behaviour, which might be intended but seems a bit strange to me: Situation: grid of moving lights 5 rows, 5 colums. I made a selection of 5 fixtures based on fixture ID's (1 thru 5)(first column on the left side) Stored a group. I dit this for the other 4 columns as wel. First 3 groups can be manipulated in all possible ways. putting them at a 55 degree angle and fan them out using Aling/ works perfect. The next two groups can't be fanned out/act as a block of 5. Delete the group and restore the group again fixes the problem. MAtricks was definitly not active.

    Question: is the setup of MAtricks stored into groups as well?

    Groups store your 3D selection arrangement, the same way grandMA2 groups stored your selection order. Thus if you have fixtures in the same selection grid coordinate or across the y- or z-axis when you store the group, recalling the group later will recall the fixtures in those same locations. And currently Align with the encoders only works across the x-axis. (Whereas the MAtricks Layer functions can work across any individual axis.)

    Group at group:

    When using syntax "Groupx at Group Y" over groups with identical amount of fixtures the values are not cloned correct: I have two groups containing 4 fixtures. I set the first group to the needed pan values ( -120, -110 ,-80, -70)

    When using syntax "Group 2 at Group 1" a popup opens, i choose "High Priority" (because "Low Priority" doesn't do anything) now the fixtures from group 2 have these values ( -110, -80, -70, -70). The clone is not executed well, it won't take over the correct values from the original fixtures and applies the wrong values to the second group

    Are you sure the two groups have the fixtures in the same selection arrangement?


    1. Clear your programmer
    2. Select your hazer
    3. Set the Haze attribute to 100%
    4. Store to a fader (or knob) executor
    5. Set the Blower attribute to 100%
    6. Store it to a separate fader (or knob) executor
    7. Press [Assign] and tap the first executor
    8. In the {Handle} tab, change the fader (or encoder) function to 'Temp'
    9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the other executor

    If you tap on the left side where it says {Control 1 of 2} (underneath where it says {Dimmer}), you'll get to the second page of Control attributes to see your other hazer attribute.

    Andreas was using '[Selected_Sequence]' as a placeholder for his explanation - he was not saying that this was the right way to access a variable for the Selected sequence.

    If you look at his last example, you should see how this can be done without needing a variable to specify the Selected sequence:

    • Set Cue Thru Part 0.* Property "XWings" 2

    3. Sometimes valid attributes show up blank on the Encoder Bar (New in 1.5)

    I Figured out what causes this to happen but sometimes if you select more then one fixture type.

    Select fixture 2 and 3. Even though the union of 2 and 3 contains amber you can't see the value of Amber in the encoder bar but you can change it.

    This is expected. If you have multiple fixtures selected, the encoder shows you the attributes and values of the last fixture in your selection. (In v1.4, it showed you the first fixture in your selection, but this was changed in v1.5 and is also actually how it worked in MA2.)

    The "Used Parameters" count includes virtual parameters (such as virtual dimmers for LEDs that don't have a real dimmer attribute) and parameters for the global fixtures of each fixture type in your show. Not all of them count against your license though. To see how many parameters are actually being counted against your license you can look at the {DMX Universes} menu in Patch / Live Patch and find the "Coarse Params" column.

    I have reported this to ACT and am told it is on the list but it has not made it in the last couple of updates. If they want that functionality they need to have an option to disable it. It needs to be able to runs as MA2 with a cue respecting its follow and trigger commands. Also needs a way to have an option to stop recording trig time and follows in the timeline. going in and deleting all the trig time cues in the timeline is a pain.

    Yes, it is on the list to include these options possibilities

    Michael Light Told ya. :P

    These two points are specifically mentioned in the release notes.

    At the moment, the offsets are displayed corresponding to the selected DMX Readout within the user profile.

    And the DMX Readout does not have an option for physical.

    - At the moment, it is only possible to enter positive values for offset in the patch menus.

    But as Hoss mentioned, you can use Store Offset in the programmer to address both of these.