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    1. What is the syntax to copy values from one fixture to another, as used on MA2 ( « fixture 2 at fixture 1 » does not seem to work )

    Fixture <destination> At Fixture <source> works here too. This is functionally the same as Clone Fixture <source> At Fixture <destination>, and you'll get a popup reflecting that. See also this thread.


    2. What is the new option for OFFTIME.. I need to put a OFFTIME on a TEMP button. How would you do it now ?

    In the Sequence Sheet you'll see a cue at the end of each sequence called the OffCue. Here is where you set the desired fade time for how a sequence turns off.


    3. To build a stage, I had to import 3ds files.. Is it the easiest way to create a stage right now?

    Depends on what exactly you need. You could build a stage in Vectorworks (or some other drafting program that can export MVR) and then import that MVR file into MA. You can also patch some of the generic set pieces and arrange them.


    4. In 3D window, how do I change custom dimmer levels for different types of fixtures ( some fixtures are way too bright compare to others )

    Menu -> Patch -> FixtureTypes -> Tap on the desired fixturetype -> {Edit} -> Geometries -> Luminous Intensity


    5. « Fadermaster page 1.201 at 100 fade 3 » not working from cmdline. Is the « fade » option not implanted yet ?

    Correct - the Fade option is not implemented yet. For now you can use ExecTime for this.


    6. Is USB midi control implanted yet ?



    7. What is the utility of the keyword « Action » ? I did not understand the explanation in Help documentation.

    It's not especially relevant for most day-to-day programming. I don't have a better explanation for it though. Perhaps dherderich might have one?


    8. Version meaning gma 2 et 3

    Not sure what you're asking here?


    9. How to add fixture to a specific effect preset, which is actually Selective to specific fixtures.

    Can you elaborate a bit on what you're wanting to do here?

    MacOS works perfectly fine with grandMA3 onPC and the grandMA3 onPC command wing (assuming your computer meets the system requirements).

    For some clarification, in the initial grandMA3 product announcement it was stated that onPC for Mac would not be able to output DMX by itself. However, this was changed prior even to the v1.0 software launch.

    It is absolutely possible to copy images using a variable. I was simply suggesting tapping on the image to illustrate the numbering. Can you post a new screenshot of your command line feedback with the updated syntax?

    If you tap on an image in the image pool, you'll see that it's actually "Image 3.x" (Gobo images are 1.x, Fixture Images are 2.x, and Custom Images are 3.x). So it should be Copy Image 3.17 Thru 30 At 3.49. Or

    • SetUserVar "Unfilled" "Image 3.17 Thru 30"
    • Copy $Unfilled At Image 3.49

    Swop and Kill are not implemented yet.

    In the Sequence settings, there's an option for Auto Stomp (bottom of the "Start" column)

    It isn't currently possible to record DMX output (like the Source = Output option on MA2). However, one option would be to change your Use Selection to "All" or "All for Selected" or "Look".

    As far as I can tell in Cues 5, 17 and 18 you have 1 Fade 1 Delay Preset Times, however in those cues it doesn't look like you have presets for dimmers. So while those cues show a duration of 2 that is only for any applied dimmer presets in those cues.

    You can fix this either by using individual times, or recording the dimmer information in a preset which will be affected by Preset Time.

    The "Preset Timing" applies to all information of that Preset Type (that doesn't also have individual timing stored). It does not require the information to actually be referencing a Preset object.