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    Hi Michael,

    It looks like your method assigns individual fade time at 0 seconds instead of removing it from the Cue.
    After this update the individual time will be 0 sec. instead of Cue timing which could be for example 10 sec.
    But I didn’t test it on the console or onPC yet. What do you think ?

    Best Regards

    Hi Theo,

    I use Coolux Compact Player with Jog Shuttle Board and SMPTE Link.

    Fast and comfortable to use especially when you program time code show.

    Optionally you can choose only software (cheaper version ) and use your own windows computer as a hardware. However you still need SMPTE Link.

    That is very easy to explain.
    Chose option Cue Only with Merge when storing Cue 2 and you are on the horse :-)

    FYI it is not possible to block any values in a cue as after each store your sequence is automatically unblocked. Please look at the command line.

    Hi Lars,

    I know the workaround for that. But I wrote this post because I believe it could be improved and become the same as it is in gMA2.

    By the way: MIB on gMA2 works the way I described. It is not the same way dot2 does.

    Please find in the attachment two small shows with the same situation. Two Cues in main seq. One show made on dot2 the second on gMA2.
    Load them, check and compare.

    On dot2 there is no MIB in Cue 1 whilst on gMA2 MIB works for the same situation.

    Best Regards


    Hi Lars,

    Unfortunately You didn't understant me well.

    Moreover You gave wrong example as dot2 consoles do late MIB (which means Cue before).

    The ponit is I don't want to have MIB for dim effect or any other effect but for PAN/TILT and other Values.

    In my understanding the system is not able to store effect for dimmer together with Value information (in my case dim at 100%) at the same time into the Cue.
    Then it is not able to recognize if dimmer is open. And this could be improved.

    Correct me if I am wrong but in grandMA2 the case works without any problems.

    And imagine that grandMA2 generally works with bigger Cue numbers in Sequences than dot2 does !

    Best Regards


    I got two Cues on Main Executor (MIB is switched ON) V :

    Cue 1 fixtures 1 thru 10 dimmer at 0%
    Cue 2 fixtures 1 thru 10 with tilt at -45 degree and Soft Dimmer effekt for dimmer, fade time 4s

    The question is why MIB does not work for position in Cue 1. When I start Cue 2 by Go+ I can see a movement from default to the position stored in Cue 2

    Anyone can help ?

    I got a problem with StoreLook function.

    I loaded dot2 demo show. Deleted all executors and main executor.

    When I choose a group 4 "LED Back Wall" at full, presettype color, effect, 2 Color Soft, StoreLook Cue 1 Please, Clear X 2, Master from Main exec. at full, Goto cue 1.

    Cue shows all LED's in white instead of Blue/White effect like it was before I grab it with StoreLook.

    Any thoghts ?