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    I assume your fixtures have subfixtures, which actually are the ones containing the attributevalues you want to clone?

    (e.g. it is not fixture 101 that contains the dimmer at full, but fixture 101.1)

    Repetition of values only seems to work if the values are actually part of the source.

    try instead

    Fixture 102 Thru 108.* At Fixture 101.*

    to clone the children of 101 to the children of 102 thru 108

    A missing Console.dat is normal and expected the first time the onPC application is tried to be started, as this file is not generated until first time the application is closed (after a successful start)

    In other words, the missing Console.dat is not related to your problems.

    Please make sure that your PC is within the hardware requirements, especially in terms of processor generation and graphic capabilities:…ystem_requirements/en/1.4

    Hi Jan

    try the following example to see the difference:

    Fixture 1 Full ; Store Cue 1

    Fixture 2 Full ; Store Cue 2

    Fixture 3 Full ; Store Cue 3

    Copy Cue 1 At 3

    notice in the tracksheet what happens in cue 3 with fixture 3 and fixture 2 respectively, when choosing Merge vs. Overwrite(content) vs Overwrite(status)

    I just deleted a whole bunch of posts.

    The spam still pollutes the UI, they just appear with a trashcan icon instead of the users avatar, and are no longer clickable.

    if moderators doesn't have permission to full/permanent deletion, could you additionally move the spam-threads to a dummy subforum, so they actually disappear and get out of the way ?

    Be aware that MAgic presets (currently) are applied globally, not universally

    In my example video, I only have quantum's patched, so there's no problem.

    But if you add fixtures of other types, the MAgic preset needs to include the same data for the other fixturetypes, to work "multi-global"

    e.g. with my original magic sample fixtures 6&7 and new fixturetypes added, with fixture IDs from 101 and from 201:

    Clone Fixture 6 + 7 At Fixture 101 + 102 + 201 + 202 If Preset 2.1 EndIf /O

    And for Recipes in Cues:

    ..... At Cue x Part y.z

    x = Cue ID

    y = Part ID (0 for main part)

    z = Recipe ID

    And for Recipes in Programmer:

    ..... At Programmer y.z

    y = Programmer Part ID (0 for main programmer-part)

    z = Recipe ID

    Remember that you need to create the recipe line before assigning anything to it, if the recipe line doesn't already exist:

    Store Preset x.y.z

    Store Cue x Part y.z

    Store Programmer y.z

    Assuming your group is a regular linearized selection, this could be done by setting the MAtricks XWidth property to half of the number of selected fixtures, to wrap the second half to the next row, then sub-select either of the two rows via the MAtricks Y property.

    By using XWidth&Y instead of the more commonly known XBlock&X, you preserve the ability to align on the resulting sub-selection.

    You will need Lua to retrieve and divide the number of currently selected fixtures, if you want to avoid to calculate and enter this manually.


    Lua "Cmd([[MAtricks 'XWidth' '%.f' 'Y' '0']], SelectionCount()/2)"

    Be aware that v1.4 introduces visualization of Iris, Strobe, Shutter and Blades.

    v1.3, which doesn't visualize these attributes, would not be impacted by neither GDTF->GMA3 conversion-issues nor missing/wrong information in the GDTF.

    Please try to reimport the GDTF-file into v1.4 and also make sure that these attributes are correctly described in the GDTF.

    I am afraid you will need to upgrade to a more recent processor, to be able to run grandMA3 on your system.

    While your Intel Core i7-5930K has plenty of computing power, it is old (Haswell microarchitecture - 4th generation) and is likely missing functionality (instruction-sets) vital for the onPC software to run.

    According to the specifications, grandMA3 onPC requires Intel Core 6th generation or newer:…ystem_requirements/en/1.4

    please try this to restore the MAtricks properties of your Selection 1 object in your showfile:

    1. Press the now non-labelled MAtricks button above Encoder5

    2. Change “ActiveSel” from 1 to 2

    3. Press “Copy Sel”

    4. Change “ActiveSel” from 2 to 1

    the current MAtricks Invert functionality is unfortunately not a Value invert as one may expect and desire for the relative layer.

    the MAtricks Invert is currently :

    A) an encoder direction invert :

    e.g. turn attribute encoder clockwise -> yellow non-inverted fixtures will increase, green inverted fixtures will decrease

    B) an align direction invert

    e.g. At 0 thru 100 -> yellow non-inverted fixtures will align 0->100, green inverted fixtures will align 100->0

    What you see is a result of scenario B, your phase range being distributed in reversed direction to pan attributes of your inverted fixtures.

    Hopefully we will see an actual Value invert for the relative layer, in the next iteration of phasers&recipes