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    Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for the response.

    I can understand creating a separate GUI interface for different user types. Further, I can see that benefiting from changes to the physical interface. I am very saddened however by having a completely incompatible back line. We are an environment that would benefit greatly from an optimized interface for non-full time lighting designers in some venues, but not others. As a facility however we would like to standardize our equipment. From a systems perspective I would prefer interchangeable nodes and consoles that can talk to each other.

    I was really hoping the new MA console would be a great fit for our smaller venues at a proportionally lower price point. I was really gungho on GrandMA all the way. Now however, I'm going to be taking serious looks at competitors products now. Going with a competitor is now no more difficult perhaps even easier and more affordable without paying the MA premium.


    Will a series comparison guide be released soon? I was really looking forward to the launch of the new series because it might fit our venues better, but I'm really concerned by the incompatibility with other MA Product lines mentioned in the forum.

    We have two venues still running Full-size MA1 consoles, and two running onPC command wings. We have several smaller venues we would like to upgrade to MA consoles, but they are too small to justify the cost of MA2 light. We would however like the capability to move consoles between rooms for rare special occasions. Also, one of our big reasons wanting to switch the smaller venues to MA is standardization. Dot2 looks similar, but different which might not help on the standardization front.

    Anyway, will you be releasing a guide which will help determine which console family will be most appropriate in various scenarios? If so, when?