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    In grandMA3 the programmer is a real playback. That has many advantages when you think about busking shows or interactions with playbacks in general. Furthermore we are able to get some nice new features do to this fact.

    But that also means that the programmer has per default the same priority as the playback. So starting a new cue in your case, will call the color of the cue.

    You can use freeze to give the programmer a higher priority.

    Hey Alejandro,

    - The Oops list is not implemented yet, but we will have it.

    - Border color is the same.

    - In general special dialogs are not that far at the moment. There will be some more in the future.

    Hey Moe,

    you can find a button „Save as grandMA3“ in the backup menu.

    This currently saves the grandMA2 patch in a grandMA3 showfile and converts the fixture types.

    I tested it on Safari as well...could find out that you have to double click the confirm Button. Then it turns into grey and you can press next.

    Maybe you can take this as a workaround for the moment. I will ask the developers for a solution.

    Could you also send us your version details at That would be very helpful.

    Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas 😊👍

    Hey, do you add new attributes to the presets? Then it wont be updated automatically in the cue (same behaviour as in grandMA2).

    You could than use the new Recast function for presets.

    You can reach this via EditOption (Swipey or 2x Edit key) on the preset.

    Hey...the search command is not implemented yet, but on the list.

    For some purposes you can also use the command ListRef (list references).

    Therefore open an Info window, press List Ref in the title bar and select an object. In the results you can see where this object is referenced and where are dependencies.

    Hey Zico,

    you can import macros directly in the macro pool.

    - Edit a new macro object

    - Press Import

    - Select your macro from the internal folder or your USB stick

    If you have macros on the USB stick, please make sure that they are placed in the grandMA3 folder under shared - resource - lib_macros.

    Hi Pyroaxel,

    in grandMA3 and also grandMA2 the programming is connected to an additional ID of your fixtures calculated in the background (thanks Max :)).

    So you can change your FID and your programming will still be valid.

    Please keep in mind: When you delete your fixtures from the patch and apply your changes, then your programming is lost.


    thank you for this.

    In grandMA3 we have the difference that all layers are connected (Absolute, Relative, Fade, etc.). Therefore those settings are also available to all layers.

    Imagine a color value and you want to set down the relative values for RGB - there it could make sense to link feature also for relative values.

    Maybe we have to think about absolute values...but at the moment it is the intended way of working.


    in the remote input section we can select many different targets. So it is possible to trigger objects from many different sections of the console, e.g. macros. That means you can also trigger macros to be fully flexible.

    Telnet is not part of the system. In grandMA3 we use our own Terminal application to be able to remote control our command line. Furthermore please keep in mind OSC. Open Sound Control is open to many things, so you can also send midi commands or grandMA3 command line entries via OSC.

    Hey Richard,
    the easiest way is the following:

    1. Patch your fixtures straight away.

    2. Patch some Grouping Fixtures (grandMA3 library), you want to use as "parents" for some fixtures in the tree.

    3. Select the fixtures you want to put in the tree.

    4. Press Cut button at the bottom of the patch window.

    5. Unfold the Grouping Fixture and set the focus in the tree below (see attached picture).

    6. Press Paste to insert the fixtures directly below that Grouping Fixture.

    After some questions here a small info how to connect the grandMA3 webremote:

    You have to specify the port 8080 after the IP address in your webbrowser, e.g.

    Please also take care that the webremote is enabled in your network settings. This is the case by default.:thumbup: