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    Hi all,
    just as a reminder here a very important change of the DMX output configuration in grandMA3 v1.1:

    Out (default) - Constant 30 Hz DMX signal

    Rdm - Drops down the refresh rate to 2.1 Hz when there are no changes on the respective DMX universe

    The idea of the Rdm behaviour is to have more space for incoming RDM data. But there are devices which can not understand this DMX signal (even it is totally within the specs). Therefore we changed the default to Out with a constant 30 Hz refresh rate.

    Hi Steven,

    trying to answer your questions:

    1. You are right, currently we have a small bug in this functionality. Will be fixed in the next version.

    2. There is no cue part information in the preset but the preset pool decides in which cue part a preset from this pool should be stored.

    Does this answer your questions?

    Hi Steven,

    here is what the columns do:

    Sync - Having different phasers in your sequence, the phaser in the next cue starts in sync with the current running phaser of a previous cue or not.

    Allow duplicates - Makes it possible to have the same attribute for the same fixtures in different parts of the same cue. Imagine a big circle running with smaller circles at the same time.

    Morph - Imagine a phaser running in cue 1 with some fixtures. In cue 2 some more fixtures are going to run that phaser. Morph decides how to move into that phaser for those fixtures. Should they immediately start with their movement snapping to the position in the phaser (no morph) or move smoothly to the direction of the phaser (morph).

    Regarding CueZero this is not implemented yet, so therefor you can see no changes at the moment.

    Ok, there is a known bug at the moment, regarding Pan2/Tilt2 attributes in 3D.

    What you can do as a workaround for the moment:

    - Go to edit fixture type and delete Pan2 and Tilt2 from the fixture type.

    - Make sure that they are deleted in all DMX modes.

    - Then leave this window and open the Attribute Definitions in the Patch.

    - Here you can also delete Pan2 and Tilt2 from the list.

    - Leave the patch and confirm the changes.

    Now the Follow function should work again.

    Hi bebesch,

    seems to be a bug. You can find it at the end of the patch window when you switch to full mode. But the changes are not stored when you leave the patch.

    We will report this!

    Hey jpsound,

    of course you can already create global phasers. It is the same story like creating global presets. So not only for selected fixtures.

    There is also the possibility to create universal phasers using the universal fixture (it is like universal presets). But this workaround will improve in the next versions, so at the moment not really nice to use.

    Hi AndreZiggas,

    currently groups, blocks, wings are not implemented in the phaser editor. This will come later.

    So a workaround at the moment is to use MAtricks and phase values in combination....but this workflow will definitely improve.

    Maybe your USB stick is too big. Please try to use a stick with max 16GB.

    Normally then it should work. If it does not work, please contact your local distributor, best with a video of whats happening on the node while booting. They will have a look at it and are happy to help.

    Hey jpsound,

    it is not possible to use MA VPU in a grandMA3 system. We will have an internal video solution in grandMA3.

    Currently this is not implemented and will take a bit of time, but it is planned to have an internal kind of media player in the grandMA3 software.

    Please make sure that your Appearance contains a background color.

    Means you can change both: The image color shows an image in the executor information, the background color will change the background of the executor including the color of the rotary knob.

    Hi Alejandro,

    in grandMA3 the DMX refresh rate is changed. Means when there is no attribute change the refresh rate drops down to nearly 1 Hz.

    This is totally within the DMX specs but some devices are not able to handle this.

    Our developers know this issue and think about a possible solution. But a workaround for you could be to set one DMX channel in the universe to a continously running phaser, so the refresh rate is at 30Hz.

    Hey Doubletap,

    you just need to assign an appearance.

    You can do it directly from the appearance pool and hit an executor or in the executor menu (Assign on an executor and choose an appearance via the button in the bottom left corner).

    Hey, Happy New Year for you too!

    You can find the column Execute which does this job in grandMA3. So set Execute to No will add the line to the command line without executing it.