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    Hi jlevesque,

    in general it can be possible to build a grandMA3 network session via VPN.

    But I would recommend to get in contact with your local MA distributor. They can help you a bit more in detail in discuss some aspects of network and session handling with you directly. You can also get more detailed MA-Net3 information.

    Hi hui123,

    there could be some reasons for this behaviour....

    - Network problems in between

    - Some things in the showfile

    - Hardware issues

    I would recommend to contact your local distributor with a detailed description of your network. Maybe the processing unit has to be repaired as well....

    Hey Felipe,

    in general we have different possibilities here:

    - You can use Stomp to go back to your step 1 and combine it with a direct absolute value.

    - You can use Stomp to go back to your step 1 and combine it with a Release value - so when your position should come from a different executor.

    What is the issue at the moment is the combination of absolute and relative within one sequence. So currently we always recommend to work with absolute values and relative changes in different sequences. But we will see a lot of improvements of this behaviour in the next version.

    Sorry for having not the best solution right now, but we are working on it.

    Hi Henk,

    your description is a known bug currently.

    The problem is that fixtures snap to their default values in the programmer before they use the individual timing.

    That´s the reason why preset 1 with 100% looks good in the programmer and preset 2 not. The fixtures snap to 0 (which is the default) and then use the individual timing - but then you can not see anything.

    This bug will be solved in one of the next versions.

    Hi both,
    so in general as you said this is quite expected behaviour. Stomp deletes all steps >1 and goes back to the absolute value of step 1.

    What you need in this case is a third executor which has the blue again and is at the same (or higher) priority as your sequence with the phaser running. Then it would automatically stomp the running color phaser and would playback the blue.

    But you could do the same with your basic look sequence of course. Have it at the same priority and the LTP behaviour takes care that you run the color phaser and when you press the basic look executor it will be automatically stomped and sets the fixtures to blue....

    Hope that helps....

    Hey JonDMartin,

    you can do this already. Just assign the LearnSpeed function to an executor button with a running phaser - Then you can tap the speed for this phaser.

    You can also do this with a speed master to adjust all phasers listening to this speed master.

    Unfortunately hard to say...sorry for having no better answer.

    Regarding the dimmer curves - when it is about changes in cues you could also use the cue pathes, they are already implemented. I know that is just a workaround for a specific situation, but maybe it helps :-).

    Hey everybody,

    in general we will offer some more videos about recipes in the MAtips as well. But of course you can find the most important things in the mentioned v1.4 Special Course in the MA E-learning.

    Regarding the registration process:

    The learners in the system are handled by our distributors. That makes sense because you have a dedicated contact for your local area when you have some questions or issues with the E-learning.

    When there are new courses available all distributors get an information about this and also the recommendation to register all of their learners. We know most of the distributors take care of this.
    hui123: I would recommend to ask your distributor for a general registration to new courses. Maybe the guys just forgot it these times or there was a technical issue.

    Ringen  dherderich

    I think there are some issues to be solved. You can also see that the attributes of the source fixture coming from playbacks get activated after cloning.

    So there seem to be some bugs - what as far as I know this is work in progress already...

    Hey Chieffcrew,
    the workflow is not completely correct here. The steps have to come from the preset directly.

    So you create 1 Recipe line using a preset with 2 steps.

    Hope this helps :-)