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    Hey everybody,

    in general we will offer some more videos about recipes in the MAtips as well. But of course you can find the most important things in the mentioned v1.4 Special Course in the MA E-learning.

    Regarding the registration process:

    The learners in the system are handled by our distributors. That makes sense because you have a dedicated contact for your local area when you have some questions or issues with the E-learning.

    When there are new courses available all distributors get an information about this and also the recommendation to register all of their learners. We know most of the distributors take care of this.
    hui123: I would recommend to ask your distributor for a general registration to new courses. Maybe the guys just forgot it these times or there was a technical issue.

    Ringen  dherderich

    I think there are some issues to be solved. You can also see that the attributes of the source fixture coming from playbacks get activated after cloning.

    So there seem to be some bugs - what as far as I know this is work in progress already...

    Hey Chieffcrew,
    the workflow is not completely correct here. The steps have to come from the preset directly.

    So you create 1 Recipe line using a preset with 2 steps.

    Hope this helps :-)

    Hey Julien,

    currently you can only export the patch as an xml.

    You can see the information you need directly here, but this is just a workaround. In the future that should be possible again.

    Yes, you can work with the Shuffle Selection tool in the MAtricks window.

    Just select your fixtures, press Shuffle and give a phase value.

    But workflow will be improved in one of the next versions.

    Hi everybody,

    I checked this in v1.2.0.2 and for me it works as expected.

    With the Recast function you are right - you only need this when you added or removed new attributes to your presets. So with an update of a "normal" RGB color preset the cue update should work without the recast.

    foon: Maybe you can get in contact with your local distributor. It would be great to see why it does not work for you. Maybe you can attach a small video and/or a showfile with a description what you do....

    Thanks a lot :-)

    Hi Vince,

    no problem, there are different ways to do this:

    Fixture At Fixture:

    - Fixture 2 should exactly do what Fixture 1 is doing currently.

    - Fixture 2 At Fixture 1

    - Values from programmer and playbacks are copied from Fixture 1 to Fixture 2.

    Copy Value:

    - This depends on the 2 different active selections per user profile. You can change the selection at the top left corner in the MAtricks window.

    - Selection 1 has some values and you have a different Selection 2.

    - Change to Selection 2 and press Copy Values.

    - Now the values from Selection 1 are copied to Selection 2.


    - Fixture 2 should exactly do what Fixture 1 is doing in your complete showfile (or limited to some sequences, etc...).

    - Clone Fixture 1 At Fixture 2

    - Fixture 2 now behaves as Fixture 1 in the entire showfile.

    Copy/Paste Programmer:

    - You can find this option when you press the At button in the menu bar of the bigger screens on the left.

    - Have a fixture selection and press Copy Programmer.

    - Select some different fixtures and press Paste Programmer.

    - All Programmer values will be copied from the original to the new selection.

    I hope that helps :-).

    Hi foon,

    what you are doing here is the follwoing:

    In cue 1 you have a static dimmer value of 100% - per default this is stored in cue part 0.

    In cue 2 you have a dimmer phaser - per default this is stored in cue part 100, because of the preset pool settings.

    If you want to have both, the static and dynamic value in the different cue parts you have to enable "Allow Duplicates" for cue 2. This makes it possible to have the same attribute for the same fixtures in different parts of the same cue.

    Does it make sense?

    Hi Janis,

    there is a video solution planned but not implemented yet. To be honest, if you need a video solution now, I would suggest to have a look at external tools.

    The implementation of video in grandMA3 will take a bit more time.

    I hope that helps. If you need any support or assistance, just get in contact with us.

    Hi Sam,

    this workflow is not available yet but will be implemented.

    So far we need some workarounds but this will be improved a lot in the near future.

    Hi Kadir,
    the action buttons are not implemented yet, but will come.

    As a workaround you could use sequence pool objects assigned to a layout view. But we will have the action buttons back of course :-).