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    re mvr, i am seeing similar behaviour in mvr from capture.

    almost non of the ma3 library fixtures ma replaces the mvr fixtures with, work.
    Instead i have to swap kinds using the ma2 library, and only then do they work. however 3d info is usually always retained

    The explanation Jason gave seems logical to me, when checking the patch in MA3 the names of imported objects seems to be correct however MA3 doesn't find a suitible fixture to convert these WYG files to MA3 fixtures/ does not convert these fixtures automaticly

    Yes, currently it is not possible to have the same name for multiple objects in the same pool. At the moment, how the names are enumerated automatically depends on whether the name ends in a string (e.g. "Megapointe" or "3001thru3010") which gets a '#x' added (e.g. "Megapointe#2" or "3001thru3010#2"), or in a number (e.g. "Megapointe 1" or "3001 thru 3010") which increments the number (e.g. "Megapointe 2" or "3001 thru 3011").

    Thanks Ryan, that makes thing clear.

    I'm not familiar with the current MVR implementation in Wyg. Are you actually able to link the real, created GDTF files before exporting as MVR? Or does Wyg just create placeholder GDTF files (which is what Vectoroworks does if you haven't linked correct GDTF files)? If it creates placeholder GDTF files, then this is of course expected - they have all the data (e.g. patch and positioning), but don't have any other information about the fixture such as 3D model. Thus you would have to change fixture types from the placeholder to a real profile, whether from the grandMA3 tab, GDTF tab, GDTF-Share tab, etc.

    Alright, i'am not that familiar with MVR as well, in this case it saved me a ton of time to put the fixtures in place in 3D

    Groups store your 3D selection arrangement, the same way grandMA2 groups stored your selection order. Thus if you have fixtures in the same selection grid coordinate or across the y- or z-axis when you store the group, recalling the group later will recall the fixtures in those same locations. And currently Align with the encoders only works across the x-axis. (Whereas the MAtricks Layer functions can work across any individual axis.)

    Okay, thats a behaviour which makes sense in some way, however it can drive me really nuts when trying to align something from groups. in one case the behaviour of the aling function does work as expected (as it does in GMA2) in the next try the group behaves as a block and cannot be fanned in any way, exept when i manually select the fixture id's again.

    Are you sure the two groups have the fixtures in the same selection arrangement?

    No to be clear: these are two different groups: group 1 contains fixture 1 thru 4, group 2 contains fixtures 5 thru 8. Further investigation learns that when i do the same but than with fixture id's e.g: fixture 5 thru 8 at fixture 1 thru 4 works like a charm so i think there might be a gridselection involved here, as you described here earlier

    Thanks for your clear explaination Ryan!!

    A few annoying bugs/operator errors found in version (Windows 10 Pro 21H1 build 19043.1165 64Bit, 64gb ram, 2x Nvidia GTX760 SLI, i7-4820K CPU 3,7GHz)

    Copying group:

    When copying a group containing numbers in the name e.g 3001 thru 3010 to an empty group renames the newly created group to "3001 thru 3011. Relabeling the new group to "3001 thru 3010" is not possible. Commandline says OK: Label Group x.

    When labeling it to a completly different name its fine: however when relabeling it to "3001 thru 3010"the new name becomes "3001 thru 3011". It looks like GMA3onPC won't accept double names in showfiles. When labeling two groups in an identical way there is a number placed behind the name e.g. A group named "Megapointe" will become "Megapointe#2" when copied which makes sense. but when i label a second group "Megapointe" it will be labeled "Megapointe#2"as wel. I would like to be able to have identical names in showfiles for groups which contain the same fixtures but when selection order is different.

    Importing MVR files:

    MVR file created in WYSIWYG R47. Data is transfered fine, no problems at all. FHowever fixture types are not working at all, Fixtures don't show up in 3D. Solution for now is to change fixturetypes from GDTF to GMA2 fixtures. Than everything works as expected.

    Groups and align:

    I had a behaviour, which might be intended but seems a bit strange to me: Situation: grid of moving lights 5 rows, 5 colums. I made a selection of 5 fixtures based on fixture ID's (1 thru 5)(first column on the left side) Stored a group. I dit this for the other 4 columns as wel. First 3 groups can be manipulated in all possible ways. putting them at a 55 degree angle and fan them out using Aling/ works perfect. The next two groups can't be fanned out/act as a block of 5. Delete the group and restore the group again fixes the problem. MAtricks was definitly not active.

    Question: is the setup of MAtricks stored into groups as well?

    Group at group:

    When using syntax "Groupx at Group Y" over groups with identical amount of fixtures the values are not cloned correct: I have two groups containing 4 fixtures. I set the first group to the needed pan values ( -120, -110 ,-80, -70)

    When using syntax "Group 2 at Group 1" a popup opens, i choose "High Priority" (because "Low Priority" doesn't do anything) now the fixtures from group 2 have these values ( -110, -80, -70, -70). The clone is not executed well, it won't take over the correct values from the original fixtures and applies the wrong values to the second group

    Thanks in advance

    Mark van der Meulen

    In GMA2 i had a setup like you described, it worked thru a set of macros which replaces the presets used in effects. I assigned aprox 200 macros in a layout, divided over two lines which formed a rainbow. When tapping on a color the preset was replaced by the new color.

    With some help of variables it was also possible to change multiple effects.

    i can imagine that if you use two presets just for the phaser and just replace them thru macros that that will work perfectly.

    copy preset 4.x at preset 4.y/overwrite should do the job