Just to be sure :)

  • hello everyone.

    So I use dot2 node4 1k+onPC. All this time I was sure it can output 2048 ch, as it has 4 ports, but never rly needed to use more then 2universes. So now I have event in which I might have that numbers, but on product description it says 1024ch.

    Currently Im testing all 4 ports - I connected each universe with some lights, not full universes. and it seems still working very well.

    So the question here is if i reach limit 1024ch what happens. Can i still use node4 as splitter until I reach 1024ch limit on all 4ports combined?

  • I think you can only use 1024 channels, only, most likely, you can split these channels into four ports. For example: port1 channels1-256, port2 channels 257-512 etc, (or as spliter). But that's my guess, you have to wait for the administrators.