Live Punt - Fade Between On-the-fly Selections?

  • In the video below, Luke has a way to punt in a look (different fixture color example is explained) and then release that to be activated. In the vid below, he says he "taps it in" but he also has a fader assigned to this, so he can slowly let it fade in.
    Is that possible in dot2?

    I know you can create two cues and fade between them, but I'd like to be able to select colors or even positions across different fixtures on the fly through my midi mapped APC40 and then "tap them in" at once all together.

    So, on my APC40 I'd do the following:
    <select some kind of hold button (this is my question)>
    <Select upstage group>
    <Red Color Preset>
    <Select downstage group>
    <Blue Color Preset>
    <activate somehow>


  • Hello btodag,

    you might can work with the blind function...
    If you like to remote this via MiDi, store an empty Cue onto a Button Executor.
    Put a command into this Cue: "blind"
    when you send a "Go" onto this executor Button via MiDi remote, your dot2 System goes into "blind",
    means your Output will go on, but your programmer from now on will not do Output.

    By this you can do selections and give these selections presets/ values.

    In this Moment, you can decide to store them as a "All" Preset or not.
    (no worries - Storing a Preset in this Moment doesn´t influence your Blind programmer)

    Pressing "Blind" again will Switch off the Blind Status and your (in Blind) prepared values will go to live Output.
    If you have a "Prog. time" fader Setting, the (in Blind) prepared values will use the Prog time to fade into your output.

    Hope this hits the nail :)

  • Thank you for the response Michael, I'll have to try this. There are several concepts in here that I'm not familiar with. It looks very promising.

    It sounds as if a lot of this will be done interfacing with dot2 actually inside the software, so in your example I'd use a mouse to store an empty cue on an exec button, "blind". Then I'd select a position, color, etc. Then from there I may be able to use a midi note via a CMD to switch off "blind" and watch it engage.

    Is it possible to do most of this via midi notes, so I guess CMDs would be the right way? I'm trying to improve my quickness, so buttons are efficient. The band I work with will appreciate a dynamic light show, fast+accurate = good. Possibly I could reuse the same cue over and over, just clearing it out somehow each time?

    My first live show was this weekend and it was ok, but I learned a lot about how not to do things. I had no major problems, but plenty of moments a pro would have recognized a very amateur operator.

    Rearranging my board to be more intuitive and incremental is the first priority. Left to right = low to high position presets, for example.
    A very close second is to be able to setup a next scene blind" and engage at appropriate moment.

    Thanks again Michael!


  • Ah I have an idea here.

    With the new update, could you put the blind function on to a super priority executor, then you could use other executors to make a look, instead of rebuilding or selecting things in the programmer, then you can unblind the priority executor and get all the looks you just made with executors?

    This may or may not depending on if blind only blinds the programmer or not

  • Michael - I wonder if this is worth a Tip & Trick Video?
    I've not been able to make this happen, but probably because of my lack of experience.
    I'm probably in a minority wanting to be able to use this, but it is interesting to me.