• last question for the week.. can i make all bwing1 cues set to swap so only one exec will run at a time... my second software gets out of sync with dot2 if i dont stop exec before changing cue :(

    not sure if there is another way to work around. would be better if i could do the work around in the other program but i think its limited.

    maybe a midi out command when chaser is turned off or similar... i currently have to do led feedback on each scene of the chase sequence with a midi note out command and a timer to update clear all pads as a default.

    Again thanks for the Great support!!

  • Hi Guys,

    normally all Exec Buttons will be switched off when they are fully overwritten. But therefore you have to program very structured. Please make sure that you store the same attributes in all Exec Buttons and they will switch off automatically.

    Button AB -> Only Color
    Button XY -> Color and Dimmer

    = Button XY will not switch off button AB, because there are different attributes stored.

    Button AB -> Only Color
    Button XY -> Only Color

    = Both Buttons will switch off each other.

    Hopefully this helps! :-)