Timecoding chasers

  • Hi!

    I've been using the Dot2 OnPc for a couple of days now and are struggling with the timecoding.
    I've created a few chasers that i want to trigger based on a timecode coming in from midi (loopbe), but i can't seem to understand how to do this, cannot find any good documentation on timecoding for the Dot2.

    As far as i can see the only way to timecode anything is to create cues in a executor, does this mean that if i want my own chaser-setup i need to create the chaser as cues in one exec. and then copy/paste it into to same executor, then running timecode on each step in the chaser?


  • Hi Wackamole,
    yes that´s right: Triggering via timecode is done for Cues on an Executor.

    Maybe it helps to explain what a Chaser means in MA consoles:
    A Chaser is a list of Cues, where all Cues get the same Trigger time. (like a typical Sound to light Thing or, where you try to catch the beat of a song)
    A Sequence is a list of Cues, where each Cue can have it´s own Trigger time. (like a typical theatre style Cuelist: Cue 1 stays 4 sec., Cue 2 stays 3 Minutes before you slowly fade to Cue3 a.s.o)

    So if you now say that you would like a Chaser to be triggered by timecode, this would mean that you want the Chaser to be started at a certain Point
    (via timecode) then, when the Chaser has been started, it follows it´s Chaser Timing.

    If you want each Cue to be triggered via timecode, you don´t set it up as a Chaser -a Sequecnce allows each Cue to be triggered via timecode.

    So the solution to start a Chaser (or any Cue list) via timecode is, to store an empty Cue on any executor fader or button, set the Trigger for this Cue to timecode, record the right timecode time
    and put into the empty cue the command "exec x.x at 100" .

    Hope this helps?
    If you´re into something else and I didn´t get it, just let me know!


  • Thanks Michael!
    This is exactly what I was looking for - running commands in empty cues solve all of my problems, I must have missed the CMD-field in dot2 cue-list.

    Thanks again for the solution Michael!

    - Fredrik

  • Hello !
    Thanks for your support Michael...
    and tell me please, where do we ''put the right timecode time'' ?
    and where will be the window the ajust the timing of the timecode after...
    Thank you very much !