Cue List View

  • Not Simon.
    I know this field of notes. I was thinking about something in the form of a notepad, for making descriptions.
    You know, for example, setting up lights. An integral part of the show, as important as the levels of light in the cue, if not more important. For
    example, a reflector 40 for a chair at the left, a spotlight 41 with
    two filters 009 and 106 on the same chair in the middle of the
    proscenium. A smoke machine from the backstage
    (Simon borrowed it, he promised a beer, he did not give it back yet :thumbdown: ;) )
    Sometimes you play shows after a long break, or you make the show
    resume, it would help, all stored in one place. I just do not know if it would increase the size of the show file in d2.

  • I'm affraid this is not a part of d2..
    For me are helpful renaming names of dim chans or fixs in the patch sheet, there you can put down the names or kind or these notes (hopefully with the promised beer you know this :rolleyes: ) and by pressing MA button you se the names..

    By my experience is to keep informations needed for focusing and so on in some other text note pad out of d2 because some shows in the same venue could be so different..
    If this is what you mean :D