MIB question

  • Hi,

    I got two Cues on Main Executor (MIB is switched ON) V :

    Cue 1 fixtures 1 thru 10 dimmer at 0%
    Cue 2 fixtures 1 thru 10 with tilt at -45 degree and Soft Dimmer effekt for dimmer, fade time 4s

    The question is why MIB does not work for position in Cue 1. When I start Cue 2 by Go+ I can see a movement from default to the position stored in Cue 2

    Anyone can help ?

  • Hi,

    this is also caused by the effects. All cues with effects are excluded from MIB. The console does this to prevent unwanted permanent movements from a fixture. Imagine you are working on a huge cuelist and your fixtures go to black in cue 2 and they should start a position effect in cue 40. If MIB would work with effects the console would start the position effect when the dimmer is closed. This movement would stay for around 38 Cues...this would be annoying!

    So in your particular case I would suggest to store the position in Cue 1, due to this you can make sure that the fixtures are already on the correct position.

    Hopefully this helps!


  • Hi Lars,

    Unfortunately You didn't understant me well.

    Moreover You gave wrong example as dot2 consoles do late MIB (which means Cue before).

    The ponit is I don't want to have MIB for dim effect or any other effect but for PAN/TILT and other Values.

    In my understanding the system is not able to store effect for dimmer together with Value information (in my case dim at 100%) at the same time into the Cue.
    Then it is not able to recognize if dimmer is open. And this could be improved.

    Correct me if I am wrong but in grandMA2 the case works without any problems.

    And imagine that grandMA2 generally works with bigger Cue numbers in Sequences than dot2 does !

    Best Regards

  • Oh well, I understood your question. And you're right the console is doing MIB Late, which means at the latest possible Cue. So in your example the Fixture should start moving in Cue 1. This will work perfectly as long as the Fixture is not under control of any effect! Furthermore if you would store a fixed Dimmer value in Cue 2 MIB would work as expected.

    The only two ways to fulfill your wish, are to store a Cue in between Cue 1 and Cue 2 which follows automatically Cue 1 and puts the Fixture in the right position or more easily to store the position in Cue 1.

    By the way: MIB on grandMA2 is working in the same way! ;-)


  • Hi Lars,

    I know the workaround for that. But I wrote this post because I believe it could be improved and become the same as it is in gMA2.

    By the way: MIB on gMA2 works the way I described. It is not the same way dot2 does.

    Please find in the attachment two small shows with the same situation. Two Cues in main seq. One show made on dot2 the second on gMA2.
    Load them, check and compare.

    On dot2 there is no MIB in Cue 1 whilst on gMA2 MIB works for the same situation.

    Best Regards

  • actual MIB behaviour depends on the content of your cues, both on dot2 and gma2.
    - to get the same behaviour, you need to have the same content in your dot2 cuelist and your gma2 cuelist.

    please load your dot2 file in the gma2 and compare in trackingsheet the content of cue 2 in your gma2-file vs dot2-file.

    Pulling up the dimmer for the fixtures which should prepare/MIB is not a workaround, it is the intended workflow, - the nonzero dimmervalue is the actual flag that indicates that MIB should be performed

    Cue 1 fixtures 1 thru 10 dimmer at 0%
    Cue 2 fixtures 1 thru 10 Full, with tilt at -45 degree and Soft Dimmer effekt for dimmer, fade time 4s

    Be aware that as the dot2 only has absolute dimmer-effects, you weel need to pull up the dimmer prior to starting the effect, as (for your convenice on dot 2) the effect is automatically stomped, if you apply the static value after the effect has been called