Command Wing Bar - How to change button to faders..

  • I can see buttons 101 thru 401, although I would like to have the wing's faders there instead.. as on the MA2onOC..

    Anyone can help ?

    Bonus question; what is the command line syntax to swap a button action ( I need to swap from temp to flash, from the command line ) .


  • Hi McDy00

    Create a window containing a playback view.

    Change the playback view to display only row 200 in the menu:

    Press the topleft MA button in the playback view and deselect all rows exept row 200

    For the bonus question:

    Assign flash at page pagenumber.executornumber

  • Thanks for the fast reply..

    it does work for the Command wing Bar Window..

    but how about the command wing bar at the left of the attributes editor..

    thanks for the second question as well...