request for onpc encoders wheels remoted by osc or...

  • MA3 onpc seem to be stable on my side ( as u respect the minimum configuration and of course starting it as an administrator on windows 10 ). i am using it in a club (50 fixtures ) .

    i am using show cockpit to mapp it with a midicon 2 and companion and a streamdeck ( with fiets. de ) this is fine . the only thing is that i cant use the encoders wheel . its a little restrictive .

    is there a way to do that ?

  • No. Sorry. There's still nmo way to do so. This question is asked several times here in the forum and it was possible since Version 1.0.x but löater they turned it off.

    And you can perhaps understand why MA is not much interested in having solutions for that because they will sell some onPC Material as well.

    But I think, you can use the onscreen encoders very good to. When you search here in the forum you will find a way to change the resoluition of the wheels, so you can use them very precise with just two or three short macros.

    I'm a switcher from Chamsys-System to MA3. Having a MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node.