Command line is inside of the live patch!

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    1. I have a problem in onpc version
    2. I perform activities:
    3. 1 - I'm creating a new show.
    4. 2 - I open screen 2 on the additional monitor.
    5. 3 - In screen 2 I set up the macro pool and leave it.
    6. 4 - On screen one, I open the Menu and start the Patch.
    7. 5 - When the Patch window is open editing Macro 1 on screen 2, the macro editing window opens and the patch window closes at the same time.
    8. 6 - I close the Macros editing window.
    9. Now when I try to open the patch, I get the message "Command line inside of the live patch!" and the patch window is not available.