BPM value on Soundin in 1.5.23 OnPC is shown in % and not working

  • Hi guys,

    since the update to grandma3 I am struggling in getting my speed controlled by soundin and BPM.

    BPM is shown in % and after assigning Master Speed 16 (BPM) to an Executor Master it shows a values between 1 and 3.

    I seems there is a severe Bug in this SW version.

    Has anybody experienced the same problem or does even know how to solve the problem?

    As a temporary workaround (hack) and to be able to get speed controlled by soundin automatically I am using DOT2 and a DMX-Remote now. There and in Grandma2 I was able to have a real good BPM controlled Soundin/BPM setup.

    Best Regards


  • mr-button

    Changed the title of the thread from “BPM value on Soundin on OnPC 1.5.23 is shown in % and not working” to “BPM value on Soundin in 1.5.23 OnPC is shown in % and not working”.
  • Thanks for your response Ryan.

    If I pull the fader up, it stays there for a second and then it jumps back to its value detected by Soundin. If I turn off the music it remains in this position.

    Strange observation: After I changed the name of the executor assigned with the BPM speed from Master speed 16 or so to BPM both the executor fader and the BPM fader on soundin are showing the unit BPM again.

    But the value still is between 1 and 3 only.