Compatibility and language

  • Hi all! I'm a beginner on the MA family!
    I have 2 question:
    - the new software dot2 on pc is compatible with the "old" MA 2Port Node onPC PRO and no PRO?
    - the new rage dot2 considered the italian language for the video training and especially user manual, online and/or offline (like a PDF)? Unfortunately I'm Italian and I have some problem learning well your console philosophy in english language

    Thanks all for your replies :)

  • Hi!

    Welcome to the MA family! :)
    Its good to have you from Italy. Its not unfortunate at all.

    dot2 is only compatible with its new dot2 Node 4 (1K).

    I believe your second question is, if dot2 Videos, User Manuals are available in Italian.
    At the moment, No. But, Italian is a well spoken language so MA might add it up soon.


  • Thanks for the answers Luke!
    Yes, my language question is about videos and manuals (I'm having problems learning GrandMa2 with english manual) so... It's only my problem... somehow it will solve :-)

    Best regards!