Session GlobalMaster forcing Standalone online.

  • Edit: Seems the solution to my issue was a complete reboot of the laptop. Quitting OnPC and rebooting the console strange things kept happening and the console was stuck trying to add my console even though the software was not running. Rebooting the laptop seems to have solved it. I tried to get back into that state but no such luck.

    So I had both my Light and OnPC in Session in 1.5, I noticed what I thought was a regression and wanted to check it out onPC, I quit 1.5 on my laptop and started

    When I did so the network was enabled and the Global master kept trying to invite the laptop. I turned off the Network (the big power button but it keeps happening).

    The Dismiss Station button on the GlobalMaster keeps blinking on and off and if I time it right the station is still not dismissed.

    Even if I Leave the session both the Light and onPC, restart the onPC or even shutdown the Light; onPC keeps trying to connect?

    If I switch network to a non connected network port like the bluetooth on my WiFi is stops happening.