Fixture LED BAR 18x3

  • Hello!

    I have just watched the official tutorial on YouTube for the MA Fixture-Builder.

    I created and followed him in the Video and it is easy to understand.

    Now I want to create a Fixture for an LED-Bar (18x3) and I dont know how to do this, because Channel 1-3 has a individual RGB and 4-6, and so on.

    Another Problem is that I have to create a virtual-dimmer for the LED-Bar, because the device supports only the RGB-Channels and I have to create this on my own.

    Can you help/build me this Fixture for the LED-Bar?

    This are the Channels:

    18 Ch (18ch)

    1 Red
    2 Green
    3 Blue
    4 Red
    5 Green
    6 Blue
    7 Red
    8 Green
    9 Blue
    10 Red
    11 Green
    12 Blue
    13 Red
    14 Green
    15 Blue
    16 Red
    17 Green
    18 Blue

    Best Regards,