• v1.5.2.1

    I have a user and user profile setup. I've also created views and window layouts under a new "ScreenConfig"

    I cannot seem to find a way to export this Screen Config and it does not seem to carry over with my user or user profile.


  • ScreenConfigs are a subset of the userprofile, you should leave this as "Default", which would mean the default screenconfig of Rob_Garcia_GMA3Main, not a general/shared default screenconfig.

    Only if you have multiple stations, which should share programmer etc (= same userprofile) but not share views, it is necessary to make additional user-logins with same userprofile but alternative screenconfig.

  • The screenconfigs are exported with the userprofile.

    However there seems to be a bug if you add new screenconfigs in addition to the three that is already present in each userprofile (Default, 3D, Remote)

    New additional Screenconfigs (4 and above) does not seem to initialize properly.

    If you need more than the 3 standard screenconfigs, please create the additional screenconfigs, then immediately save and reload the showfile, to initialize the new screenconfigs properly, before you actually start editing them.