MA3onPC start info window

  • Hello together,

    yesterday i finshed building my project "mini tour pack" consisting of a faderwing together in the same case with a mini NUC-PC and an small external touch screen, if needed. Unfortunatedly, on software start, there is a window, that informs about the lack of cores (its an i5 6600 with two cores instead of the required four ones). I know, this doesn´t fit the requirements, but this solution will be only for playback of max 1 universe and no visualisation or programming.

    Is there a way to "OK" this window for a longer period, e.g. until install of a new version, because this solution should go to the customer as plug & play and autostart onPC with windows. So if confirmation on startup could be "remembered" would be very nice.:thumbsup:

    Best regards


  • I think you should search for any "automation" software who will press buttons for you. Else you won't have a chance to solve that.

    And I know what you mean very well. Because I had a NUC with a to small i5 as well before. But there is a tool available who will "do as if there is another CPU working". But this is not really recommended... It helped me to get an old AMD Processor working...

    I'm a switcher from Chamsys-System to MA3. Having a MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node.

  • Hey Rainschn,

    thx for your reply, i had similar ideas with sumlating cores, but as you thought, this might cause other problems.

    It would just be nice, if this window would have a checkbox "I use at my own risk"

    I will tell my issue to the support, maybe they have a solution.

    Best regards