Off Executor

  • Hi there~

    I know the command "Off Page 1 Thru 100" is a command to turn off all executors running from page 1 to page 100, but it doesn't work. May I know the command to turn off the executors that are running? Maybe... the "Thru" command doesn't work?

  • Thanks for the reply.
    The important point in the current version is that the "Off Page 1 Thru" command doesn't even work. As you said, "Off Page 1.201" works, but.. cannot turn off the entire page.

    The command I want to use is "Off Page 1 Thru 100 -Page1".

    I want to turn off the current page and all other pages. I've tried this and it doesn't work.

  • Hi

    Off page *.* - page 1.*


    Off page thru.thru - page 1.thru


    Off page 2 + 3 thru 10.thru - page 5.205 + 301 thru 310 (to off page from 2 to 10, except exec 205, 301 thru 310 on page 5).

    Check the new use of dot, as a tree structure tool.