Macros in layout view

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm trying to call macros from a layout view, but every time i touch the macro on the layout view only one step executes, then pauses. touches after that trigger one next step every time, as if the lines were set to "wait=go". All of the lines are set to follow. The macros work fine and execute all lines at once when triggered from the macro pool and form the CLI using "Call Macro 100" and "Go+ Macro 100", so it only goes wrong when triggered from the layout view.

    Edit: this only seems to happen when i call the macro in the layout view on another PC/Console in the network (i'm running my PC as master and a touchscreen laptop as touchscreen in MaNet. It worked fine and can't (easily) reproduce this after restarting MA3 on the laptop, so this might just have been a weird one-off hiccup