Request & crash report Ver

  • Hello.

    First of all i want to say thanks for the update. The conflict between REL and ABS values, in programmer seams to be history.

    Question about DMX remote -> TARGET

    I can't find where to assign correct target for a dedicated Excecutor.


    1Lets say that you have 1 dmx channel as input.

    2 you create a target which you always want to point to Excecutor no 15.

    3. resusult. Executor 15 rises when recieving data from dmx ch 1.

    In ma2 this was very easy to setup. I am able to select a target pointing to the "selected" excecutor at moment.

    i am also able to select between playback 1-50 and i can see that this is working.

    But none of these two options is what i want.

    I want to be able to dedicate a special excecutor.


    Syntax: CMD-Line: Copy preset thrue at xxx. <--- This causes system crash in version1.4.2.1

    Except: Copying preset one by one works fine.

    REQUEST. "save / load routine"

    When pressing Settings i ma2, you will have to do an active choice before you save or load a show.

    In Ma3 you are allready at the SAVE - tab when pressing backup.

    There is a risk of saving a show by misstake when you pressing the file.

    I Request therefore same presedure as in MA2.

    If this is not possible, i request at least that you are in the LOAD-Tab by default when pressing BACKUP.

    Thanks in advance


  • Currently it is not possible for remotes to target Executors generically. I believe this is on the list though.

    In regards to your crash, you are using incorrect syntax. It is not "Copy Preset 3.x Thru 3.y At 3.z". The correct syntax is "Copy Preset 3.x Thru y At 3.z". Of course, the software still should not crash if incorrect syntax is used. Can you please contact your local distributor with your show file and crash log?