GDTF, Channel Function and more

  • Have anyone noticed that something happened with GDTF support updating to v1.4? (OK in v1.3)

    Channel Function names are no longer used by MA.

    Switching between Channel Functions seem to make up default values instead of using the values from Fixture Type.

  • More testing revealed that Channel Function Names are still used in Calculator Tabs.

    Problem is that importing a GDTF-file will remove the names in the file and replace them with useless names.

    E.g. I had 3 channel Functions: No Key / LumaKey / ChromaKey and MA3 change that to: Key 1 / Key 2 / Key 3 (Based on Attribute = "Key")

    While on the subject, can anyone explain why MA3 uses Attribute to indicate Channel Function on the Encoder bar? As there is a fair chance the same attribute is in all Channel Functions you often get a list like:





    Are we supposed to make a lot of additional Attributes to get a list that make sense?